Check Out The 5 Most Affordable Beach Towns In Florida

Ocean, Sand, and Sun! The Sunshine State has its all. Florida is a well-known travel destination that beach lovers all over the world appreciate because of its stunning shorelines and sufficient sunshine all year long.

While some may believe that beach living is pricey, Florida has a wealth of affordable beach towns that offer the perfect blend of sun, sand, and savings. Find out which five beach communities in Florida are the most reasonably priced, so you may live comfortably without going over budget.


If you like the idea of having lots of coastal living alternatives and entertaining activities, this West Florida favorite would make an amazing house. Pensacola offers its residents affordable apartments near the waterfront. Pensacola’s median house value in 2023 was $257,000. With rent and mortgages included, the average monthly cost of housing is $1,232. Because Pensacola’s cost of living is substantially lower than the state average, it is the most affordable place in Florida to live near the beach.

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Daytona Beach

Volusia County’s Daytona Beach offers the perfect blend of urban conveniences and natural beauty. The town is home to a diverse population, which includes families, college students, and race enthusiasts.


Daytona Beach presents a favorable choice for prospective homeowners due to its inexpensive housing expenses, with an average property price of $261,281. Daytona Beach boasts beautiful 23 miles of shoreline, with spotless sandy beaches. Guests are welcome to partake in activities that promote maximum relaxation and sunbathing at this quaint beach resort.

Deerfield Beach

Families seeking fun and sunshine frequently head to Deerfield Beach because of its consistently sunny weather. Two theme parks in this vibrant beach town are great for families to visit.

Deerfield Beach is the most reasonably priced town in Florida. With an average property price of $277,559, Deerfield Beach provides prospective buyers with a choice of housing options. Situated near Deerfield Beach, the Tree Zoo is an intriguing attraction.

Vero Beach

Vero Beach, which is in Indian River County, has beautiful natural surroundings, a range of recreational opportunities, and a calm coastal setting. With an average home price of $369,640, Vero Beach offers a choice of housing alternatives for prospective residents.

Living in Vero Beach allows you to experience many of the parts of life that are generally reserved for tourists. There are plenty of romantic spots, plenty of food options, a bustling nightlife, and the sun. Make sure to take advantage of your real estate chance while you can, since Vero Beach has the potential to become the next big thing for developers.

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Clearwater is another of Florida’s most affordable beach towns. It also has a fairly unique reputation. For just $370,000, the median home price, you can own a property in this upscale but quirky resort town. Owing to its proximity to the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area, residents in Clearwater enjoy easy access to a wide range of services, cultural events, and employment opportunities.

The Last Say

Living the Florida lifestyle is feasible, and it need not break the bank. There is affordable housing available in these towns. Although the state is popular with tourists, residents also adore it. Their little life by the sea is enjoyable. So, make these beachfront communities your home and bask in the Sunshine State’s sun.