Most Mispronounced Places In Florida; Check If You Got Them Right

Florida, the land of endless sunshine, boasts some of the most incredible beaches in the entire country. But oh god, this state has some real tongue-twisters when it comes to place names! Well, it’s no wonder Florida is such a melting pot of cultures! With all the people arriving and settling here, it’s like a big ol’ cultural blender.

No matter what the excuse may be for our mispronunciations, it’s important that we correct ourselves if we’re saying them wrong. Alright, prepare yourself for a challenge as we dive into the list of places and attempt to pronounce them!

Oh, and don’t forget to correct yourself if you happen to mispronounce them, and of course, make sure to correct others too. It’s all in good fun! If I were in your shoes, I’d definitely start off with a hearty chuckle before setting others straight. Something entertaining for me, perhaps?


With Disney World just around the corner, it’s no wonder this Florida city has become famous for its hilariously mispronounced name. Oh, you thought it was “KISS-i-mee”? Well, actually, the proper way to say it is “KUH-sim-EE.” Quite a tongue twister, isn’t it?


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Prepare yourself for a tongue-twister: the city with the six-syllable name, “ap-UH-lach-uh-KOH-la,” is the county seat of Franklin County, located in the Panhandle. The Florida Seafood Festival, the oldest of all marine festivals in the state, is held there every year.


Even though the city in Pinellas County seems like a piece of cake to pronounce, it still manages to trip up a lot of people.
Well, well, well, it seems we have a pronunciation expert here. According to their infinite wisdom, the correct way to say it is “DUH-nee-den”. How fascinating!


Nestled away in the heart of Florida, this little gem is a delightful mix of sunshine, palm trees, and a whole lot of character.  Hidden away on Pine Island, smack dab in the middle of Cape Coral and Sanibel-Captiva, you’ll find Bokeelia. It’s pronounced like “BO-keel-yuh.”


Instead of being pronounced as “in-ter-LACH-in,” the Putnam County town is pronounced as “in-ter-LOCK-in.” Well, isn’t this a strange situation we find ourselves in?



Don’t you wanna pronounce it like “IMMO-kal-EE”? But hey, maybe it’s best to hold back on that one. Let’s have some fun with the pronunciation of the unincorporated region in Collier County, right next to Naples. Say it like this: “i-MAH-kuh-lee.”

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Perched on an island sandwiched between Cape Coral-Fort Myers and Pine Island in Lee County, this charming Old Florida fishing community boasts lively art galleries, trendy boutiques, and drool-worthy seafood restaurants. Just a friendly tip: better brush up on your pronunciation before you visit that place! Oh, you think you’re fancy, huh? It’s pronounced “MAT-la-shay.”


Renowned for being the proud host of the St. Johns River Water Management District and the legendary Florida Azalea and Blue Crab Festivals. Go ahead and give it a try: “PUH-lat-KUH.”


This village in Alachua County, south of Gainesville, is a real gem for foodies and vintage enthusiasts. Go ahead and give it a try: “MIK-i-NOH-pee.”

The Final Say

It’s pretty wild how these places got their names from such a random mix of folks. While some people breeze through pronouncing those names, others might struggle a bit more. Make sure to give those names a listen and see if you nailed them or if your tongue did some acrobatics.