The Wilds Season 2: Why You Should Give a Try to This Series Filled With Abandoned Islands and Bizarre Science Experiments?

The first season of Prime’s The Wilds was indeed a huge hit, and the Wilds Season 2 is not an exception to it,

The show premiered in 2020, developed by Sarah Streicher, follows a group of teenage girls who become castaways after a plane carrying them toward a Hawaiin retreat crash on a secluded island. Like the girls acclimatize to their environment and one another, the audience learns that girls didn’t wind up there by chance. 

Season one of The Wilds generated a lot of talk for being highly innovative and featuring exceptional performances from relatively obscure ladies; and now, despite its cliffhanger as well as the discovery of a distinct group of male castaways, season two is generating even more buzz. So, here is why the Wilds Season 2 is indeed worth a watch.

Great Storyline!

The Wilds Season 2

The series revolves around a group of eight females who make an emergency landing on an island and therefore must survive for themselves. The writing, and the performances, instantly drew us in. We learn that now the plane crash was staged and was a bizarre science experiment carried out by Gretchen Klein, a scientist.

It left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions and a strong want to see more of the story. Events even before the island are seen in a nonchronological sequence in the show. The inclusion of a “boys’ island” is among the major new storylines in Wilds Season 2. Eight more male cast members were added as a result and this was taken as both negative and positive way for a variety of reasons.

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The Wilds had a strong female presence in its first season. Women made up the majority of the cast, as well as the showrunner and several of the writers. Audiences were so moved by this that there was a debate over whether including the boys did take away time from the girls.

Providing the guys as a control group functioned effectively with the premise of a scientific experiment. The juxtaposition of boys and girls is, to some extent, a logical next stage in the narrative and is quite fascinating. Another thing I agree with is that the boys’ presence takes the story away from the girls, but it also draws attention to them. So yes, it went effectively well.

Outstanding Characterization

The Wilds Season 2

One of several best aspects of The Wilds Season 2 seems to be the incredible characterization provided by the writers. These characters are shown in such a way that they seem like actual individuals, with flaws and failings. People are flawed, which makes them unique. I believe this pattern did extend with the boys, as no one is presented who is faultless, and everyone has their flaws and story.

This is a welcome change. Male characters are frequently stigmatized, and so this season didn’t back down from allowing the boys to make a lot of mistakes and get failed. 

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The writers continued to breach Matriarchal society‘s Taboos and focus on themes such as abusive relationships as well as sexual abuse in such a way that isn’t particularly objectionable in The Wilds season 2, making the guys feel very much like genuine humans rather than two-dimensional story arcs. So, t’s reassuring to know that complex individuals like these can be depicted and portrayed realistically.

Incredible Acting

The Wilds Season 2

In this season, Sarah Pidgeon brilliantly demonstrated how her character’s psychosis and internal battle for sanity reach a climax. She did a fantastic job portraying the character’s irrationality. Pidgeon will not shy away from shouting or reacting with her entire body, which amplifies the impact of the emotion. It wasn’t just her, but the entire cast, who brought their characters to life brilliantly.

This series felt darker, which is to be expected as they move into the aftermath of the first. Rachel is dealing with the loss of her hand due to a shark attack. Shelby‘s internalized homophobia is still a problem for her.

The girls did an excellent job at honestly portraying these difficult subjects. The girls’ friendship with one another continues to grow stronger over time. The found family concept has long been one of my favorites. This season, the bond between Leah and Fatin grew even stronger, bringing up new possibilities. The connection between the main girls, in my opinion, surpasses the energy between the boys.

The Wait for the Next!

We keep learning more about the girls’ stay on the island while also getting to know the boys and their experiences there. The potential to interact with everybody they struggle for their life now that we’ve been exposed to most of the characters is such an intriguing aspect. We’ve gone past the majority of the introduction and they’ve moved on to addressing the viewers’ questions for those so many cliffhangers.

Though having a lot of questions, the show creates a unique sense of being left on a secluded island and makes it feel very real. To understand how these people are feeling, to understand the struggles and difficulties of being a teen girl, to understand everything. The fact that all of the girls are running away because of something causes them to bond with one another in a manner that just seems like home.

Even though the arrival of the boys caused both disappointment and excitement, this program maintained its gripping strategy of trying something new. The Wilds season 2 not only raised additional questions for the public, but it also raised anticipation for the following season, which promises to be even larger and better.

The risks are increasing, resulting in a tense viewing experience and making us genuinely interested and see where this leads since the show seems to be just getting warmed up.