Crazy Food Truck GN 1: an Old Man and a Mysterious Girl in a Post-apocalyptic World Selling Delicious Food!

Crazy Food Truck GN 1 is indeed an action-packed food-loving adventure written and illustrated by mangaka Rokugou Ogaki.

Kaku Ninomiya, Tatsuya Hainoki, plus Sei Fukui contributed artwork to the volume. On May 17, VIZ Media’s Signature imprint, which specializes in mature seinen titles, published and localized Crazy Food Truck. Volume 1 comprises touch-up and lettering by E.K. Weaver, Jeannie Lee, Sara Linsley, and James Gaubatz, as well as an English adaptation by Jennifer Leblanc.

Gordon Goliath‘s food truck receives almost as many clients as one might expect in a post-apocalyptic world, although he’s not about to turn away a mysterious girl asleep in the middle of a road. Regrettably, for him, that girl, Arisa, is targeted by the military, who are attempting to exert their dominance over the planet, and they are strong on Gordon’s trail to apprehend her.

Gordon, sadly for the military, has a history that makes them someone they definitely should have not associated with in the first place. Gordon and Arisa find their way throughout the landscape, attempting to outwit and easily defeat their hunters while also making a little money by slinging burgers in our Crazy Food Truck along the way.

So, let’s see what this very crazy manga holds for us.

Crazy Storyline!

Crazy Food Truck GN 1

Crazy Food Truck has been purposefully assembled by stuffing all of the Mangaka’s favorite things into it. While a result, you wind up with something made up of a variety of things, including a macho ex-military food truck driver ferried around by a spunky, a naked mysterious girl as they bash bad people’s heads and discuss the cooking of post-apocalyptic dishes. Too Crazy!

The Crazy Food Truck GN 1 honestly feels as though it’s assumed to become this chaotic riot of elements which should be appreciated for its adventurous juncture acts that are paired using whatever rock music score you can stockpile it with, the kind of story arc in which a mook straight-up yells out “That food truck is next level crazy!!!” just to make sure to consider what it is you’re reading.

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The first volume features only four chapters, although those chapters were sufficient to make the volume a regular manga volume size, they are each dedicated to a particular thing at a time, such as Gordon and Arisa going squid hunting or rescuing a beer-brewing city from robbers. Because these chapters are so long, they have lots of breathing space, so the stories never feel rushed and you can read them at your leisure.

Incredible Art!

Crazy Food Truck GN 1

The art is excellent, plus the spending time on stunning landscape shots plus moment-to-moment intensity, once the fighting begins, makes for an exceptionally quick read. This is another component that adds to the sensation that the Crazy Food Truck GN 1 will finish before you realize it, with some glimpse of any of us being seen or learning anything about the universe into which they’re trying to lure us.

The volume attempts to leverage Arisa’s sex appeal as well as Gordon’s ex-military without exceeding a limit, that is from not wearing clothes to diverse body postures in battle sequences. Although the art placed into each and every fight sequence can be a bit much for those who want not to have fanservice in the action, this more than compensates for it.

All four chapters of Crazy Food Truck GN 1 have excellent artwork. Each quarter’s single-chapter focus makes them shine out for its unique and diverse approaches. The first chapter defines the setting of the work by showing how Gordon and Arisa met.

The environment is revealed in greater depth in the 2nd and 3rd chapters, when the characters interact with the fauna and human elements of this apparently post-apocalyptic setting, respectively.

The final chapter moves at a fast pace because it contains the most resemblance to the background story priming for twists as well as personality turns that will be built upon as the manga continues. Underneath the funny creative dressing, everything feels purposeful and fundamental.

Unique Characters!

Crazy Food Truck GN 1

Both of the major characters are as crazy as the title suggests! Gordon is fantastic. He’s rude, tough, and sick of everybody’s nonsense. He manages to seem cold while also being very sympathetic, and he appears to be ready to handle anything that comes his way. His teaming with Arisa, obviously more than a cook in a food truck, will not really necessary come on an unpredictable chaotic tempo, but it does strike on some high-energy thrills.

Arisa’s mysterious personality is more appealing than her nudity. Whether it’s her lack of character in simply being just a nude weapon or the cute girl who loves food, she’s well-described. Also, she doesn’t say much, and her appeal stems from the clichéd “experiences the new world in a cute way” conversation, making it difficult to figure out who she is outside of Gordon.

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The elaborate food illustrations feel more polished than the panel-to-panel character renderings. Though, everything appears to be perfectly designed, from the characters’ excellent facial expressions and alignments at moments to the screen tone reflecting Arisa’s tan.

Besides the notional food truck’s first-chapter deployment of a big cannon, the action is a thrilling blend of martial arts and gunplay compliments of our two heroes, but so far we are expecting more moments that could crack out to the title level of ‘crazy.’

Delicious Dishes!

Crazy Food Truck GN 1

The squid-hunting chapter, for example, ends with a demonstration of all the numerous dishes that could be made with the duo’s massive harvest, as well as the sales of the resulting calamari hamburgers will become the main incentive for rescuing the city in the third chapter. When Ogaki gets into this topic, he obviously knows what he’s talking about, and that segment of Crazy Food Truck GN 1 will undoubtedly have you yearning for some fried squid with beer.

Despite the fact that most of the flavorings used across the manga are technically unreal, the volume includes recipes for many of them at the end, complete with some tongue-in-cheek descriptors and structured in such a way that the enterprising appetizer should be able to substitute real-world counterparts to try out for themself.