The Top 5 Worst Florida Prisons!

While it’s never nice to be behind bars, Florida is thought to have the of the worst prison systems in the country. The Florida prison system’s high rates of violence can be linked to systemic problems such gang violence, underpayment of staff, hazardous working conditions, and corruption.

Some Florida prisons struggle with issues like guard abuse and covert drug usage, and often lack basic facilities like air conditioning. Discover which five jails in Florida are the worst by reading on.

Martin Correctional Institution

In 2019 a prisoner surreptitiously recorded conditions at Martin Correctional Institution, earning it the reputation of being of the worst jails in Florida. The prison’s doors opened in 1985 near Indiantown, Florida. It is currently the third-largest jail in the state, holding slightly over 1,500 convicts.

The movie also shows drug and alcohol abuse, a kitchen full of mildew and rodents, and surprisingly inadequate safety precautions. The main problem is that prisoners believe staff members are ignoring them. The Miami Herald helped spread the movie far and wide, but watch it at your own peril.

Columbia Correctional Institution

Like many other institutions around the nation, Columbia Correctional Institution was inadequate when the COVID-19 virus got out. In July 2020, the result of more than 400 prisoners and many employees proved positive.

Columbia Correctional Institution, located close to Lake City, is located in North Florida. When it originally opened in 1992, this jail was widely regarded as one of the worst in the state.

Uncertainty surrounds the circumstances surrounding a prisoner’s deadly stabbing of a prisons officer in 2012. 2016 saw another stabbing and the death of a schizophrenic prisoner in protective custody.

Santa Rosa Correctional Institution

The high rate of inmate deaths and the institutional culture of racism, brutality, and cover-ups all did their part to damage the institution’s reputation. Similar to the classic chicken-and-egg dilemma, the question is: are the guards aggressive because of the prisoners, or for other reasons entirely?

One of Florida’s toughest, bloodiest, and most dangerous jails is Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, which is a place you don’t want to wind up. Situated in the northwest portion of the state, the jail can house up to 1,614 people.

Union Correctional Institution

One of the most notorious criminals in American history, Ted Bundy, was executed in 1989 at Union Correctional Institution.

The 18,000-acre Union Correctional Institution property was formerly used as a prison farm where prisoners worked manual labor. Prisoners received compensation for their efforts, but tales of guard abuse quickly spread.

The facility’s population, size, and architectural design have all grown over time, but staff abuse of detainees is regrettably still a persistent issue. A number of racial guard reports have surfaced, along with claims of excessive force and unlawful usage of solitary confinement. Not only have guards died, but there have also been cases where prisoners have murdered other prisoners.

Dade Correctional Institution

Although Dade Correctional Institution has never had a great reputation, scandals have occurred far more frequently in the past ten years. In 2014, violent crimes and noteworthy events were frequent occurrences.

Before being killed by guards, a prisoner was thrown into the shower and tortured for hours with hot, steaming water. It was not the first time an inmate had received such treatment, even though this was the first death linked to it (at least eight other inmates have had similar experiences).

Not very long after, it was discovered that another prisoner had died by strangulation. Prior to his death, the departed prisoner had voiced worries about his cellmate, who was subsequently charged with murder.

Final Words

The top five prisons in the state are listed in this article. They are infamous for their violent crimes and subpar housing. The Florida Department of Corrections needs to get on top of prison-related issues right away. Hire more workers, lessen overcrowding, and enhance staff development. Additionally, the agency needs to create a culture of accountability for employees who mistreat prisoners. If these changes are not made, Florida’s prisons will continue to be unsafe and run-down.