These are 5 Best Jacksonville Neighborhoods!

Before you start looking for a new house, think about what amenities and entertainment would be most helpful to you and your family. How close do locations like shops and schools need to be? Which time slot do you prefer for your commute? Which type of home makes you feel most comfortable?

You can start your investigation because you know exactly what you need to locate. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of Jacksonville’s greatest, most popular, most well-known neighborhoods.


If you like large Mediterranean-style villas and 20th-century craftsman-style brownstones, Riverside might be a nice option for you.

Situated beside the St. Johns River, this vibrant area of the city is full with interesting shops, delectable restaurants, and hip cafes. Walking is a way of life in River City, and crossing one of the many bridges is a typical hobby. Visiting the many museums and gardens in the city are other well-liked activities.


Avondale is well-known for its upscale apartment buildings and million-dollar colonial revival riverfront homes. Springfield is among the many areas going through a home revival boom as more and more individuals take part in community beautification initiatives.

Avondale may be the ideal place for affluent hipsters who prefer going to breweries after work, buying organic fruit at weekend farmer’s markets, and listening to live music on restaurant patios.


Mandarin is known for being a family-friendly neighborhood because of its big oak trees that are coated in Spanish moss and its top-notch educational system. The neighborhood boasts some lovely parks and picturesque river views in addition to being near to the beach, downtown, and a ton of local shops.

Mandarin is among the best places to live in Jacksonville, and whether you’re a family with little children or a retiree traveling south, you’ll quickly see why.

The name of this long-standing neighborhood in Jacksonville’s south was inspired by the mandarin oranges that used to pass through the city’s river port.


Located deep in Jacksonville’s east side, Arlington is one of the city’s most ancient neighborhoods. It shares a boundary with the southside and is connected to the beaches by bridges. Around 1500, the first European settlers landed in this region.

In the eastern portion of the city, suburbanization and urbanization coexist, resulting in a charming yet rather Florida-esque atmosphere.

Bartram Park

This south side sanctuary offers plenty of new construction along with a wide variety of housing options. The area’s top-notch schools, close proximity to a natural preserve, and secure, bike-friendly neighborhoods with lots of bike lanes and broad walkways attract families.

Bartram Park is one of Jacksonville’s rapidly rising communities, and for good reason—it’s only a short drive from I-95 to the city’s core or the beach.

Final Words

These are only a handful of Jacksonville’s numerous amazing locations. There are many more. With so many options, finding the perfect place to call home will be simple.

Take a tour of each area you’re thinking about to get a sense of it before deciding on one. Talk to people, browse the shops and restaurants, and take a walk about the area. With this information, you can decide which area is best for your family.