Student Brutally Molested by School Employee in Texas; 2 Arrested in Connection by Authorities

It has come to light that a headmaster and a teacher in Abilene were both accused of covering up claims that a teacher’s assistant who is currently facing child pornography charges may have handled a minor kid inappropriately.

Two warrants for misdemeanor Failure to Make Request Child Abuse Report have been issued to Kelsey Alexander and Rebeca McMillon, two employees of St. John’s Epispocal School. The warrants are related to allegations against Mark Eichorn, a preschool teacher’s aide at the school, who has been the subject of a child pornography investigation for the past few months.

The purpose of the investigation was to “determine if there were any children at the school that Eichorn had access to that may be potential victims,” as stated in court filings.

In January of 2024, a member of the school’s family came forward to say that their son had accused Eichorn of making inappropriate touching claims.

The papers show that this mother alleged that she informed her son’s teacher, Alexander, about the accusations, and that Alexander in turn informed the school director, McMillon.

According to the documents, McMillon reached out to the parents upon learning about the allegations. She asserted that she had her own investigation, which included reviewing surveillance footage and speaking with Eichorn. Ultimately, she concluded that the child’s inappropriate touching was an accident, occurring while Eichorn was assisting him with his belt to use the restroom.

Following the claimed event, McMillon informed the child’s parents that “nothing untoward had happened” and that surveillance footage showed the toddler skipping back to the game in front of Eichorn.

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According to the records, though, neither Alexander nor McMillon reported the incident to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services or the police.

McCMillion allegedly admitted that she had carried out her own inquiry and did not dispute that she had failed to report.

As required reporters, Alexander and McMillon must inform the appropriate authorities within 48 hours of receiving abuse claims.

After posting bond in the amount of $8,000, Alexander and McMillon were released from prison as reported by Big Country Homepage News.

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