Florida Man Dropped Toddler on Head from Balcony; Faces Aggravated Child Abuse Charges

On Monday, a guy from Volusia County who was arrested on Saturday for dropping a toddler on his head from the balcony of the second floor of the Sandals Inn in Daytona Beach stayed in jail without being released on bail until Monday.

As part of the emergency response, the child was transported to the Halifax Health Medical Center. Police Sergeant Tim Ehrenkaufer of the Daytona Beach Police Department stated that the child was released from the hospital on Monday and that it is not anticipated that the infant will have any long-term medical difficulties.

The 31-year-old Brandon Gilmore was charged with the most serious kind of child abuse.

According to the Daytona Beach police department, they were informed of the event at 7:31 p.m. on Saturday and discovered that it took place at the Sandals Inn, which is located at 133 S. Ocean Ave.

When they spoke with Gilmore, he informed them that he had only known the youngster and his mother for about five hours at the time of their meeting, which took place at approximately three o’clock on Saturday afternoon. Based on the information provided in his arrest report, Gilmore was granted permission to enter the woman’s room, and the two of them intended to receive piercings later in the day.

As the mother waited, Gilmore reportedly informed her that he was going to take the boy outdoors to play with him and “scare him a little bit,” according to the police.

“Gilbert then went outside of the hotel room and proceeded to hold (the boy) by both of his legs, holding him directly over the second-floor balcony,” according to the complaint submitted by police.

At this time, the child’s age has not been disclosed.

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It was reported to the police by a friend who was sleeping in the same room that Gilmore had met the youngster and his mother at the pool of the hotel, where they had been drinking. After that, the woman summoned Gilmore to the room, according to FOX News.

Gilmore allegedly dangled the youngster by the feet over the balcony and then dropped him head first, as stated by witnesses, according to the police.

According to the authorities, a video security recording showed Gilmore carrying the youngster in his arms, then holding him by one leg over the balcony, and then dropping him out.

Officials from the Department of Children and Families were informed about the event, according to the police.

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