11-year-old Boy Arrested by New Mexico Authorities; Kid Has Lengthy Rap Sheet of Armed Robberies, Theft, Shootings: Authorities

Police say an 11-year-old kid terrorized Albuquerque for weeks and already has a crime record that would make a career out of it. He is accused of shooting people, breaking into homes, and stealing cars.

According to Harold Medina, the police chief of the city in New Mexico, this suspect is very dangerous because he uses a gun and his behavior is getting worse. Medina said this in a statement after Dillinger was arrested Thursday night.

NBC reported that on May 5, a car was taken in the northeast of the city and found about an hour later. This was the first crime linked to the criminal kid.

The next week, on May 12, four kids tried to break the windows in a woman’s house by throwing rocks at it. The woman was hit in the leg.

On the same day, a 12-year-old girl said that a group of boys were throwing rocks at her house. She said that some of the boys were part of a neighborhood gang called the “Kia Boys.”

But police say the kid quickly turned his crimes into bigger ones after starting out by riding his bike and throwing rocks.

Albuquerque police say that a person driving a stolen car backward broke through the front security door of a business and stole and damaged more than $15,000 worth of goods. The crime is thought to have been connected to the youth.

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Police say another guy called 911 on May 29 to say that four boys in a blue Kia had shot at him after he asked them to leave the car parked outside his house. Police said they found a.9mm bullet shell at the man’s house as per The Post.

A few days later, someone called the police and said they had been shot in the hand. A.9mm pistol was found at the scene by police.

In a post on X on Friday night, Chief Medina said it was “disappointing” that such a young boy had been caught for so many crimes and that his “behavior was getting worse and he was a danger to the community.”

He is charged with many crimes, such as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, shooting at or from a motor vehicle, shooting into an occupied dwelling, aggravated battery, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, nonresidential burglary, criminal damage to property over $1,000, and conspiracy to commit a fourth-degree felony. The boy’s name was not given because of his age.

At first, it wasn’t clear if the boy had hired a lawyer.

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