Strike the Blood Season 2: Why You Should Give a Try to This Supernatural Anime With the Twist of Harem?

Strike The Blood is among Japan’s most popular anime series, with new episodes broadcast on a regular basis since 2013. With the upcoming season in 2022, you need to be updated about Strike The Blood Season 2.

Strike The Blood is adapted from Gakuto Mikumo‘s popular Japanese light novel series, with Manyako’s drawings. The second OVA series, which was co-produced by Silver Link with Connect and directed by Hideyo Yamamoto, was focused on the 9th light book. It tells the narrative of a regular high school student who is meant to be the Fourth Progenitor, a strong vampire who threatens the power of the three existing Progenitors.

So, here are some reasons why you should give a try to the Supernatural series.

An OVA Series!

Strike the Blood season 2

The debut season of Strike the Blood anime, released in 2013, didn’t exactly break new ground, but somehow it did attract enough support from the fans and revenues to create a franchise. Nevertheless, beginning with Strike the Blood season 2, the anime transitioned to an Original Video Animation or OVA style for reasons just the creators know about. This wasn’t a downgrade because it actually helped the anime.

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Anime as something of an OVA can push the boundaries well beyond a more mainstream anime. From the first season, Strike the Blood Season 2 to 4 took advantage of this freedom, ratcheting up the action with fanservice for everything. Even if the OVAs performed better in terms of sales as well as ratings than that of the original part of the anime, some fans complained that it still felt stagnant, despite the fact that there were fewer constraints.

A Storyline with 3 Arcs!

Strike the Blood season 2

Strike the Blood Season 2 maintains the same arc structure as Season 1, with 8 episodes representing the three arcs: Swords-Shaman of Shadow in three episodes, The 4th Progenitor on the Run in two episodes, and the Knight of Sinful God in three episodes.

The Swords-Shaman of Shadow arc featured a newfound harem member named Yume Eguchi, whom Kojou seeks to defend, as well as the title Swords-Shaman of Shadow Kiriha Kisaki, who goes in as an antagonist to Yukina Himeragi but also comes to acquire Yume.

Yume isn’t an awful character, even if she does meet another one of the harem’s madness status, but following her arc, she became your standard clinging harem girl, which was entertaining to see. Kiriha, on the other hand, is an intriguing character who is a member of Yukina’s rival organization and thus an adversary of Kojou and Yukina‘s objective to save Yume. Sayaka Kirisaka is the focus of this arc.

Overall, the Swords-Shaman of Shadow arc was about introducing some fascinating characters as well as saving the world, which is a classic Strike the Blood story. Even though it had some wonderful moments with some of the new characters and major arc storylines.

The 4th Progenitor on the Run is just a build-up to the next arc’s finale, although it still contains some enjoyable moments. For starters, Kojou’s father emerges, and since father and son are identical, we can deduce where Kojou acquired his perverse precise timed slang from.

Strike the Blood season 2

Furthermore, Nagisa Akatsuki, Kojou’s younger sister, is given more attention in this arc, serving as a trigger for events over the next arc.

The Greatest thing about this arc is, of all reasons, Kojou vs. Natsuki, and this wonderful fight is what makes this arc as well as season 2 so entertaining to watch.

The Knight of the Sinful God arc is the series’ conclusion, with betrayal seeming to be on the horizon, which initially perplexed as to why the Akatsuki family wishes to free Avrora Florestina, the last Progenitor, via Nagisa, which backfires horribly.

New  Friends and allies, as well as villains, enter the picture, however, the allies are Grenda, whom the real villains of this arc are after, Yuiri Haba, and Shio Hikawa, who both are Sword Shamans, with Yuiri getting a little bit more time on screen due to Grenda. Shirona Kuraki, a shaman who serves for the Lion King Organization, is the most intriguing figure.

All things considered, the Knight of the Sinful God arc is a wonderful climax, as even the antagonists have their own ideas about wishing their society to revert to “normal” before the demons arrived. However, their behaviors are incompatible with such a noble gesture, enhancing the overarching storyline and character beliefs in this arc, though with a minor morality.

Great Animation!

Strike the Blood season 2

The animation from Silver Link and CONNECT, directed by Hideyo Yamamoto and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, was rather good. The new characters are based on the same Keiichi Sano character designs as the very first season, with some additional “exotic” designs for the additional characters.

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In terms of the new personalities, we all appreciated Kiriha’s look and overall character, as well as her role as the Nega-Yukina in some ways. The combat animation looked overall wonderful, and I enjoyed most of the Shonen battles, especially the Natsuki vs. Kojou encounter, featuring Alter ego monsters with beam spams blended in with the hint of supernatural.

It Is Worth a Watch!

Strike the Blood season 2 is a solid extension of the first season, with new and old arcs affecting the bulk of the key characters, as well as past storylines from the first season getting picked up and taken into prominence in this second season. Including its story growth, epic supernatural combat to save the universe, world development, and, of course, new harem members, season 2 delivers exactly what every fan of this anime desires.

There seem to be a number of factors that contributed to the success of this anime, including the incredible sound effects, as well as the amusing humor and ecchi elements that melded perfectly with the action sequences.

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