Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: the Warrior Game Sequel Is Finally Coming on Nintendo Switch!

The Fire Emblem series was introduced to most people by a pair of strange fighters carrying swords. The game began slowly in the west, though by the time Fire Emblem: Three Houses was launched here on Nintendo Switch, it became one of the most famous tactics games with a touch of life simulation ever launched.

Warriors titles are mostly about fighting hordes of opponents while controlling dozens of characters from a storyline. Such games are much less on plot and much more about smashing buttons while employing distinct personality talents than the mainstream Fire Emblem games.

The majority of the games in this series are separate from one another, similar to the Final Fantasy series, but given how big the scenario and characters developed in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are, a sequel to Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes makes perfect sense.

So, here’s what we know about the new installment in the gaming franchise.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: When Is the Game Releasing?

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

The release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is just around the corner. Despite the fact that the game was only disclosed in February 2022, it is already expected to be launched on June 24, 2022. Nintendo has made it a habit of announcing and releasing games in quick succession, which is just a treat to our itching hands waiting to play these games.

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The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, like the rest of the mainstream games in the series, will be available only on the Nintendo Switch. There has never been a launch of any of the mainline games on another platform.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: What Is the Gameplay About?

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

For the most part, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes follows the tried-and-true Warriors-style gameplay.

Mostly on the battleground, you may anticipate operating one or more warriors from the game and traversing over vast battlegrounds, performing tasks, leveling up, and slaying hundreds of enemies. You’ll have powerful attacks that may deliver harm over vast distances, across wide areas, and more, and they’ll be distinct to each fighter.

There’ll be mounts, which aren’t new to the concept, but dragons will indeed be available to be ridden. This provides the avatar with a lot of movement and, most likely, new attacks. We also see several battle-ready winged horses, whom we think would associate with this approach to the dragons.

Regarding the gigantic monsters, we can see a couple of massive beasts that appear to be boss-style opponents similar to those used in Hyrule Warriors for such a game.

Also, there is a fully open-world camp area in which you can train alongside your allies to learn new classes or simply hang out now and share a meal. This camp has a variety of vendors, many of which can be enhanced with resources over time. It’s an addicting cycle of investment and upgrading which leads to the 2nd level of advancement.

The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes game box confirms that perhaps the game can be played by one or two of the players. It is almost definitely a co-op feature like it has been for nearly every Warriors game with multiplayer, so it would be perfectly at home on the Switch edition. Multiplayer will be confined to local play exclusively, as per store data, which means you won’t be able to join as well as host internet sessions with pals.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: What Are the Characters Involved?

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Warriors games frequently offer a large cast of unique characters to choose from. For the time being, we only learn about a handful of characters who will be accessible in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

We understand that Edelgard, the Adrestian Empire’s heir. Her choice of weapon is the axe. Dimitri, Crown prince of Faerghus’ Holy Kingdom. He holds a lance and wears the Blaiddyd Minor Crest. Claude, heir of the Leicester Alliance’s House Riegan. He knows how to use a bow and arrow.

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Byleth, a mercenary on the run with the Crest of Flames will be accessible based on the trailer, and we’ve already seen alternate forms of each of these that may be considered whole distinct characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

We also anticipate that Byleth will be available in both male and female forms. We also anticipate that Byleth will be available in both male and female forms.

If indeed the last Fire Emblem Warriors’ original roster, which included 25 characters at launch plus nine more afterward, is any indication, there was still a possibility for surprises on this one.

You can alter your character’s level as well as outfit them with the equipment before combat, which also provides all of the data for that firearm’s knowledge and skills. For each task, this system gets rather sophisticated and promotes a lot of groups, skills, or class management.

On the battlefield, one can issue commands to fighters you don’t control to send them towards separate targets while you face others and to gather up to join forces anywhere on the map, just like in previous Warriors games. As a result, you’ll be able to use Partner Special maneuvers that represent the best of both characters’ abilities.


Before we see the initial familiar sight, Byleth, the trailer begins with images of troops marching and glimpses of the realm of Fodlan. We next witness a spectacular sequence of warriors in the fight, featuring Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, performing special attacks and mowing down scores of opponents in classic Warriors fashion.

So, let’s enjoy the trailer of  Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, and for it to launch this June with ultimate action and battles.