Night Head 2041 Season 2: Will There Be Another Season to the Psychic Brothers?

Night Head 2041 was a Japanese anime tv show based on the drama series Night Head, which premiered in 1992. From 1992 to 1993, the original live-action version was shown.

The storyline has previously spawned a 24-episode anime series, which aired on Animax in 2006. In 2007, a manga adaptation was published. The manga was licensed by Media Blasters in North America on February 14, 2008. In January 2016, it was also released in the United States.

The Kirihara brothers, who were imprisoned in a guarded scientific facility since they were children because of their magical abilities, have fled after the shield that was keeping them glitches. The Kuroki brothers, who are attempting to track down the Kirihara brothers, are also included in the plot.

With such a large fan base from season 1, people are eager to learn more about Night Head 2041 season 2.

Night Head 2041 Season 2: When Will the Show Premiere?

Night Head 2041 season 2

The first season of the anime got premiered on Japanese television on 15 July 2021, and it was based on a concept by George Iida that was previously realized as a live-action series called “Night Head” in 1992 and 1993, as well as a 24-part animation series called “Night Head Genesis” in 2006.

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Unfortunately, there are no announcements regarding the release date of Night Head 2041 Season 2, the series is yet to be renewed by the creators. For the sake of predictions on the release date of the second season, it might happen by mid-2023.

As the anime is quite high with the animation features, especially with the CGI, it could take time for the creators to produce it. So, for now, let’s not lose our hope for this incredible revival of the Sci-fi world, and wait for the official announcement.

Night Head 2041 Season 2: What Will Be the Storyline of the Anime?

Night Head 2041 season 2 plot

Naota and Naoya were two brothers who have extraordinary psychic powers and are now on the run from society. Both are being pursued by brothers Yuya and Takuya, operatives of the National Security Force’s Special Task Force, who have been entrusted with arresting Naota and Naoya.

A new gripping storyline based in the realm of Night Head starts with two sets of siblings who have been under the control of each other yet must not meet!

When Naota and Naoya fled the lab, they hoped that perhaps the possible explanation they were enabled to do so was because people were willing to accept and encourage psychics as members of society, as the lab’s chief, Kyojiro Mikuriya, had taught them.

However what they discovered was Tokyo in 2041, when not only was the presence of mental energy denied but all books and images presenting strange happenings, especially psychics, were heavily banned.

Night Head 2041 season 2 plot

Yuya and Takuya were given new professions and are given command of a special elite force. They were taken by the task force after being taken by their parents at an early age. Even while faced with deadly outlaws who believe in “supernatural” powers, the two brothers cannot believe in them.

They encountered a woman called Shoko Futami on their quest. They are led by Shoko to visit Naoto and Naoya. They take on the roles of the escaping brother and the pursuing brother. The voyage of the two brothers starts as fate directs their paths.

As, for the storyline of the Night Head 2041 Season 2, we have no information about it, as season 2 is not yet renewed. The anime was a remake of Night Head, which premiered in 1992, and the manga was launched after the anime, so we can’t predict anything regarding the storyline of season 2.

But looking at Season1, it will be worth a wait.

Night Head 2041 Season 2: Who Are the Main Characters?

Night Head 2041 season 2 cast

The amazing animation and incredible voice actors gave the characters an incredible personality. For the Night Head 2041 Season 2, we expect these 4 main characters to appear.

Yuya Kuroki who is voiced by Kensho Ono, along with his brother Takuya, is an official of the National Security Force’s Special Task Force. He rarely expresses his emotions, but he does reveal his real emotions to his brother. He is entrusted with finding Naoto and Naoya alongside Takuya’s help.

Takuya Kuroki who is played by Takahiro Sakurai, together with his brother Yuya, is also an official of the National Security Force’s Special Task Force. He has a pleasant attitude and a wonderful sense of humor, making him difficult to dislike. Whenever Yuya messes with him, he gets irritated. He is entrusted with finding Naoto and Naoya with the support of Yuya.

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When his skills first manifested at a young age, Naoto Kirihara who is voiced by Daisuke Ono was brought to a research center with his brother Naoya. He is normally quiet, however, when it gets to his younger brother Naoya, who’s his sole living relative, he can become agitated.

Naoya Kirihara is played by Nobunaga Shimazaki a sweet young fellow with psychic abilities. He prioritizes his brother Naoto as well as the others around him over himself, even if it means he gets injured. He always attempts to assist individuals who are in a weaker position, regardless of the situation.


Unfortunately, we have no information on the trailer of Night Head 2041 Season 2, because the season is yet to be renewed. As, a huge Sci-fi fan myself, I too want this epic anime to come back with another season. So, for now, let’s enjoy the trailer of season one and appreciate the ultimate anime about the psychic brother who fights for their lives.

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