Quintessential Quintuplets: 6 Reasons Why Miku Is Considered Perfect for Futaro!

Quintessential Quintuplets was among the most popular anime series of the year, and it was the first harem anime after Nisekoi. Having six new girls competing for the crown to become the “best girl,” the manga’s popularity increased, making it one of the year’s top-selling mangas. Even after the anime had ended, viewers would use popularity surveys to try to figure out who should win Futaro’s love over the course of the series.

Futaro Uesugi, a talented high school student, has a rough existence; his mother died, he has had no friends, and then on top of it all, his father is in debt. When the wealthy Nakano family moves to his school, an opportunity arises. Futaro is hired as a high-paid tutor right away. To Futaro’s dismay, however, he finds that his five costs quintuplet sisters with different personalities have no interest in learning and have poor scores.

A few of the quintuplets were apprehensive about keeping Futaro, whom they regard as an outsider, in their home, but Futaro’s perseverance ultimately persuades them to accept him and raise their grades.

Futaro builds distinct ties with each of the quintuplets throughout the series. He finally marries one of the girls, although her real identity is revealed only towards the end of the show, thanks to a flashforward.

Although we adore all the five girls, Miku’s massive popularity and incredible personality make her the ideal anime Waifu over the others. So, let’s see these 6 reasons why Miku is the top quint to establish that she is best for Futaro.

1. The Determined Confidence!

Quintessential Quintuplets 1

Miku was already steps ahead of the competition whereas the other Quints still trying to sort out their sentiments for Futaro.

Miku informs Ichika that they can do anything they want after she declares her love for Futaro, but she will conquer in the end. Miku was the one who started the battle between the other quints to get Futaro because there aren’t many individuals in harem anime Quintessential Quintuplets that are so outspoken about the people they love.

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Several fans believe Miku earned Futaro just to see how straightforward and persistent she was to dominate the harem challenge, and they are curious to see what the following season has in store.

2. Futaro’s Ideal Partner!

Quintessential Quintuplets 2

Miku and Futaro have a very lot in common, although he is portrayed a little differently in the manga series. Future seems calm and collected, but Miku is bashful and aloof. Futaro always listens without protest when Miku goes on and on talking regarding bald samurai and toxic matcha tea.

There’s just something about both of them that made you want to watch them and imagine how well they’d get along as a couple. It would be fascinating to watch the relationship between Miku and Futaro as high school sweethearts, and eventually, as one of the chapters hinted, husband and wife, if Miku and Futaro were to wind up as the primary coupling in the Quintessential Quintuplets anime.

3. She Is a Fantastic Actress!

Quintessential Quintuplets 3

Although Ichika is better at acting than Miku, she is indeed not bad either. It’s rather frightening how talented she is. She disguises herself as Futaba when fleeing from Futaro when he attempts to persuade her to concentrate on their approaching test. Her gestures, speech, and airheaded look were so similar to Yotsuba’s that the professors were also fooled.

As they overslept, Miku disguised herself as Yotsuba and sneaked here without being caught. It was devious, but it succeeded. It demonstrates how closely she observes her sister’s habits in order to flawlessly imitate them. With her ability to switch identities so quickly, she might have a chance at acting.

4. Futaro Inspired Her!

Quintessential Quintuplets 4

Futaro was turned down by all of the quintuplets, who ignored his attempts to teach them and just pushed him to the ground with cold words. Miku was the first one to push Futaro aside, but after a few misconceptions were cleared up, she grew to like him.

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This motivated her to desire to improve her test scores, enabling her the very first quint to seek his advice. In Quintessential Quintuplets, it’s motivating to see Miku work so hard to improve herself. We can’t help but encourage her on and wish her luck in her quest to improve herself, her test results, and her love life.

5. Her Kawaii Reactions!

Quintessential Quintuplets 5

We know Miku might just be a kuudere on the outside, but when the moment comes, she loses her heartless facade. She seems to have a variety of reactions during Quintessential Quintuplets, spanning from amazement to humiliation. Many people have been moved by her pouting face when she urges Futaro to perform seppuku. Soo cute!

She made numerous facial expressions inside a single episode to cement her reputation as the best girl and maintain it by the end of the show. It’s a thrill to observe her react to particular words and acts since she occasionally makes any expression even outside anything.

6. Her Huge Love for History!

Quintessential Quintuplets 6

Miku is a die-hard Sengoku period admirer who knows everything there would be to know about the era. She knows everyone from the greatest Totoyomi Hideyoshi to the Samurai Keiji Maeda. Now, who wouldn’t want such gleaming eyes to communicate these historical facts?

It really is the subject in which she specializes and to which she devotes the most time. She ignored her other studies as a result, and she isn’t very knowledgeable about those, which is why she has to study harder. When we see how enthusiastic she seems to be about green tea or bald samurai, you can’t stop smiling.

All the 5 sisters are beautiful, but for many of us Miku is the one who deserves Furtaro more than others, and we just can’t help but imagine the two getting married at the end of the series.