Parents Arrested After Kids Tested Positive for Cocaine; Slammed with Charges for Putting 7 Kids into Danger in Wisconsin

A Cudahy couple faces child neglect charges as three of their seven children test positive for cocaine. The couple is in their early thirties and is currently facing multiple charges after an investigation conducted by the Cudahy Police Department, as stated in a criminal complaint.

Both individuals faced charges following the hospitalization of a child who tested positive for cocaine, leading to an expanded investigation.

Officials received a report on Wednesday, May 29 about a child experiencing symptoms of foaming at the mouth. Medical tests have confirmed the presence of cocaine in the child’s system.

Further testing of the couple’s remaining children allegedly showed that three out of the seven children had traces of cocaine in their systems. Additionally, a search of the residence uncovered drug paraphernalia that tested positive for cocaine.

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The child’s condition was deemed life-threatening by medical staff at Children’s Hospital. According to officials, it was discovered during the investigation that the majority of the children had additional chemicals in their systems.

A 31-year-old individual is facing charges related to neglecting a child, with a total of seven counts including six felonies and one misdemeanor. The individual, aged 29, is confronted with a total of eight charges, consisting of seven felonies and one misdemeanor.

The authorities have chosen not to disclose the identities of the defendants in order to safeguard the privacy of the children involved as reported by CBS 58.

The defendants both pleaded not guilty on Friday, June 14. Their upcoming court appearance is set for Tuesday, Sept. 3.

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