Top 6 Rivalries in One Piece Anime That Made the Pirate World More Interesting to Watch!

Without clashes, either between friends or enemies, the One Piece anime would be incomplete.

The universe of One Piece is packed with pirates, most of them are striving for the ultimate prize at Raftel. Pirates from all around the world are determined to find the riches and the land because the precise target of the wealth and the island is unknown.

They’re always rivals, as one might imagine, because their purpose is the same, yet some rivalries are more pronounced than others. Rivals are driven by a desire to outperform one another. They frequently assert mastery in a certain field, but they must first demonstrate it. The biggest One Piece rivalries, without a doubt, bring out the best in both the rivals. Hence, here are the greatest One Piece anime rivalries that are simply amazing to see

1. Roger And Whitebeard

One Piece Anime

The largest rivalry inside the pirating realm before Luffy and Blackbeard, before Kaido and Big Mom, would be between the future King of Pirates and the World’s Strongest Man. Although the duel between Roger and Whitebeard was a friendly one, it possessed a great deal of strength, dread, and severity between two of the pirating world’s most important Kami.

It is indeed lucky for the World Government that all these two haven’t ever conspired to conquer the world, so they would very certainly have succeeded. They wouldn’t have been legends if they didn’t try to climb their particular mountain or, even better, force each other off to claim their riches.

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They used to have a competition with a positive spirit. At one time, the two eventually drank together in an area that looked exactly like Wano Country, wherein Roger spilled the beans regarding the Will of D with Whitebeard.

2. Shanks And Hawkeye

One Piece Anime

Shanks’ candidacy as the World’s Greatest swordsman doesn’t earn nearly enough attention these days. Although this is owing to a visible disability, his title as Emperor and ability to repel Kaido during the Paramount War are sufficient to convince anyone that he’s still a skilled swordsman.

Much before he became Emperor and even met Luffy, he was rumored to be in a bitter rivalry with Hawkeye Mihawk, the world’s greatest swordsman, who is now being pursued by and conquering opponents from all around the world.

There will very certainly never be a fight between these two rival buddies. Nevertheless, if we hope that Oda also wants to create them, he will perhaps offer fans a flavor about what these duels could’ve been about.

3. Roger and Garp

One Piece Anime

Despite Garp becoming a Marine and Roger becoming a pirate, Gol D. Roger, and Monkey D. Garp‘s conflict is quite similar to Luffy and Koby’s. Like Koby and Luffy, these two appear to still have respect and understanding for one another, as Roger has stated that he trusts Garp more than almost any other member of his crew.

They’ve had countless battles in history, and they’ve nearly destroyed each other several times. Garp may well not appear to be the tough face of justice that the rest of the Marines aspire for, however when he chooses to be, he’s always a determined and fierce fighter; but then when it comes to Roger, he became known for pursuing the Pirate King in the furthest reaches of the planet.

Notwithstanding this, the two had a great deal of respect for one another, and they didn’t hesitate to work together when they required to, including when they teamed together just to fight Rocks D. Xebec.

4. Shanks and Blackbeard

One Piece Anime

It’s strange that, despite the fact that Marshall D. Teach is indeed the One piece anime franchise‘s real villain, viewers really don’t know plenty about his life or goals. His competition against Shanks is all the further intriguing because of his mystery and cruelty.

Blackbeard as well as Shanks have a long history together, and their rivalry is arguably nastier than anything else in the One Piece Anime so far. Shanks claims that he obtained his scar during a fight with Blackbeard in the past. Shanks is one of the very few individuals who recognized Blackbeard’s menace from the start, and he’d tried to warn others about him in the past.

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Shanks attempted to alert Whitebeard about him when Blackbeard deserted from Whitebeard’s crew, indicating that the conflict had to have a lot to do with it. They even tease a big battle even during Paramount War, which might be one of the One Piece anime’s most action-packed battles.

5. Aokiji and Akainu

One Piece Anime

The hostility between Akainu and Aokiji has long existed, owing to philosophical differences. As they both care about justice, Akainu’s pure justice is far worse than Aokiji’s more reasonable version. During One Piece timeline changes, both men engaged in a life-or-death struggle.

The rank of Fleet Admiral became open when Sengoku resigned. Regarding the conclusion of the Paramount War, these two competed for the position of Fleet Admiral, with Akainu defeating Aokiji in a ten-day war.

As a result, Aokiji quit the Marines but, for whatever reason, has indeed entered the Blackbeard Pirates. Despite the fact that their competition appears to be finished, Aokiji remains concerned of the danger that lurks over the Navy as a result of the new era’s relentless wave.

6. Dracule Mihawk and Roronoa Zoro

One Piece Anime

Roronoa Zoro went out to sea in quest of the person who presently holds the title, Dracule Mihawk, with the goal of becoming the greatest swordsman in One Piece anime. When the two met at Baratie, Zoro was easily humiliated by Mihawk, but he did earn the other’s regard in the meantime.

Zoro continued on to practice under Mihawk in the arts of both the sword and haki, putting his things away for the sake of his commander. Nevertheless, their rivalry continues, and Zoro aspires to become stronger so that he can one day overtake Dracule Mihawk and hold the title of world’s strongest swordsman.