Best Moments in Attack on Titan Season 2 That Just Changed the Definition of Unpredictability!

If you haven’t seen Attack On Titan, you should know that the renowned anime is known for its dramatic action and dark themes. Especially the Attack On Titan Season 2.

The anime follows Eren Yeager, a young kid who lives in an alternate universe where giant animals known as Titans have taken everything. Humankind has been nearly wiped out by these mindless animals, leaving humanity to run scared behind huge walls.

Eren along with his friends Armin and Mikasa enlist in the military to help destroy the bloodthirsty monsters after their town is infiltrated by a wave of Titans. However, as they get older, they discover that the monsters are not what they appear to be, and long-held government conspiracies surface.

The epic anime Attack On Titan has been approaching its much-anticipated climax in its final season part 2. Attack On Titan has surely offered fans around the world breathtaking moments and unique surprises that kept viewers glued to their screens. It is not just one of the top anime franchises of all time, but also one of the top-notch television shows.

The show is currently a critically acclaimed hit, with an overall score of 9.0/10 based on approximately 300,000 reviews. However,  Attack on Titans Season 2 did a fantastic job establishing the groundwork for those devastating surprises. So, these are the top instances from this season that sped up the animation and the storyline.

1. Biggest Betrayal

Attack on Titan Season 2

We all were confused and startled by Reiner‘s revelation, which rendered this moment even greater because the plot developments that preceded it were foreseeable. The two of them behaved as older siblings as well as close friends to people from the 104th Cadet Corps for years, assisting them in whatever way they could.

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Eren was enraged to learn that the people he looked up to had murdered his mother, while those around him were afraid, believing nothing they could do. Many fans realized that Attack on Titan was indeed a masterpiece as a result of this treachery.

Everything about the series altered after this segment. It explains that Reiner, as well as Bertolt, are indeed the Armored and Colossal Titans that broke inside the walls and killed thousands of people, including Eren’s mother, among other things.

This announcement is both unexpected and unexpectedly casual, which adds to its appeal. Reiner explains Eren’s true identity in such a casual manner. Eren as well as the other two Titans get pumped up for a huge battle at the end of the episode, and he does not really take this news calmly.

2. The Beast Titan

Attack on Titan Season 2

There are indeed a lot of memorable moments in the Attack On Titan Season 2, but none compare to the Beast Titan’s sheer size. If you’re a lover of anime, you’ve never seen anything quite like this enormous beast. The Beast Titan, with his dark fur, is a cold and calculated aberration amongst his Titans.

Mike lets his comrades escape the conflict zone by distracting the Titan horde, but he is quickly halted by the strange creature. Mike’s horse is killed by the Beast Titan, leaving him vulnerable to an aberrant Titan. The Beast Titan then initiates a conversation with Mike about his equipment and training, terrifying the Survey Corps member.

Once the Beast Titan has already had his fill of pleasure, he abandons Mike to be eaten by the surrounding Titans. After the soldier is trapped in the grasp of another scary Titan, the monster can be seen grinning at unfortunate Mike Zacharias. And, unfortunately, it does not appear that the boy’s final hours will be happy.

The Beast Titan is among the most terrifying enemies Eren and his friends face inside the Attack On Titan manga.

3. Ymir and Historia

Attack on Titan Season 2

The bond between Ymir and Historia is strong and wonderful, and it is bolstered by a thorough backstory from when the two women shared a pledge during practice. The pair is able to be honest with one other, something they have both battled with throughout their lives.

Both Ymir as well as Historia Reiss, whose been initially developed in the show as Christa, had surprising backstories that shocked fans. The surveyors are imprisoned in a castle encircled by vicious Titans in this episode, and Ymir uses her Titan abilities to save them, and here she revealed that she is another Titan like Eren.

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Ymir was born and raised in Marley. The Marleyans found her and then injected her with titan serum after she was assumed to be a goddess by a bunch of Eldians. Years down the line, she ended up eating Marcel, a descendant of a Jaw Titan and reverted to human form. In Paradis, she began a new life and fell deeply in love with Historia.

Nevertheless, once she discovered who Reiner and Bertolt have been, she abandoned the girl she planned to marry in order to assist them because, due to her upbringing, she knew them better than anybody else in Paradis. Paradis and Historia, on the other hand, were put at greater risk as a result of this. Ymir’s actions hurt and perplexed Historia, and they would become Ymir’s greatest regret.

This particular moment changed both Historia and Ymir. They both tried to save each other, but things went worse and they ended up separated from each other.

4. Eren’s Scream

Attack on Titan Season 2

Eren was again forced to witness in despair as the Titan who killed his mother gobbles up Hannes. Mikasa and her shared link through the simple act of covering her with his scarf provided only temporary relief. This final episode of  Attack on Titan Season 2  has fans expecting the very worst. Eren and the Scouts are trapped in a dreadful situation, encircled by Titans, with no weapons left to protect themselves and their adversaries fleeing.

At this moment, the huge plot twist showing Eren’s Attack Titan skills is still so unforgettable. The scene had fans holding their breath in fear as they observed as his intense scream had the ability to influence the Titans surrounding him.

Eren wields the strength of the Founding Titan during the battle’s climax. This episode marks the genuine start of the story’s development, as new disclosures raise new doubts. This episode included several poignant moments, particularly the heartbreaking sequence involving Eren and Mikasa, resulting in an incredible collision of combat with emotions at the end.