New ADU Laws In California Bring Good News For Small Buyers

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs are very popular for many reasons. A new law in California regarding ADUs brings good news for small families that want to buy a home.

To remove restrictions and make it simpler and more economical to build Accessory Dwelling Units, the State of California will continue to enact new ADU regulations through 2024. California ADU construction has increased dramatically as a result of the new legislation. Following the passing of the first ADU reform bill in 2016, more than 80,000 ADUs have been approved.

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According to AB 1033, homeowners can sell their ADUs apart from the primary residence. Unsurprisingly, some people are in favor of the concept while others have grave reservations. With permission from the California Department of Real Estate, local agencies may (but are not required to) enact local rules permitting ADUs to be sold as condominiums apart from the primary residence. To administer the shared property, homeowners might think about forming a Homeowners Association (HOA) between their principal house and the ADU.

AB 976 is another recent statute that permits homeowners to rent their accessory dwelling units. That was already permitted, but this gave the law an endless extension when it was about to expire. The third new law, AB 434, requires towns that have been hesitant to allow ADUs to have plans in place by the following year.

Although ADUs are a contentious issue in our county, everyone knows that they won’t be able to end our housing shortage on their own.

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