California Highway Patrol Welcomes 95 Fresh Graduate Officers

The California Highway Patrol welcomed its new officers. At a graduation ceremony held at the CHP Academy in West Sacramento, the CHP welcomed over ninety new law enforcement officers.

Reports state that CHP Academy cadet instruction includes car patrol, crash investigation, first assistance, and apprehending suspected offenders, such as those who operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to CHP, cadet training also covers leadership, professionalism and ethics, cultural diversity, acknowledging mental illness, crisis management strategies, and nobility in the police.

According to CHP, four of the 95 officers in the graduating class will begin their duties at area offices around the state on January 15, 2024.

The CHP Academy will welcome a new class of over 100 cadets on the same day, for a total of over 300 cadets in training for their 26-week program. CHP stated that it intends to add 1,000 more officers.

The new officers are trained extensively to deal with all sorts of situations and to assist the public.