Southern California Braces For Powerful Storm; Winds Over 75 MPH Expected With Thunderstorms

The National Weather Service predicted a storm in the Southern California region and issued a wind warning ahead of the storm. A strong storm system is preparing to travel into the Southwest and along the West Coast, potentially having an influence on the area and changing weather patterns.

The air mass over the region is currently marginally more humid than it was on previous nights. The emergence of a weak coastal eddy is responsible for the potential of lower clouds developing late tonight along the coastal areas.

This sudden change in the weather is expected to take a heavy toll on the residents of the region. These elements should reduce radiational cooling overnight, avoiding precipitous minimum temperature reductions.

All this is expected to manifest as:

  • Strong westerly winds with peak gusts of 30 to 40 mph in the highlands and high deserts.
  • By Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, the winds will pick up strength over the highlands and desert slopes, reaching the coast and valleys.
  • The strongest winds, which could gust to above 70 mph, are predicted for early Thursday morning in wind-prone desert slopes. Coastal regions will also see blustery winds that reach up to 40 mph in the morning.
  • High-level snow showers and random, light rain showers are predicted to intensify along with the wind event on Wednesday night and into Thursday early.

Light Rain

Precipitation possibilities are highest in San Diego County; this is similar to the weather that was witnessed last weekend. Rainfall in San Diego County is expected to vary, with locally higher amounts likely, from less than a tenth of an inch at the coast to one-quarter to one-half inch in the mountains.

Before the precipitation stops, the snow level is expected to drop to 3500–4500 feet, resulting in a few inches of snowfall above 5000 feet. Trace rainfall is expected in the northern parts, with up to 1 inch of snow expected in the mountains.

There will be a minor warming trend on Friday and Saturday after the storm moves southeastward on Thursday as ridging intensifies across the eastern Pacific. Although there is a minor probability of rain on Sunday, there won’t be much precipitation overall.

Next week is expected to be slightly sunny and warmer than this week in Southern California. Avoid going out when the winds pick up speeds and follow the advisory issued by the authorities.