Missouri Man Arrested after Alleged Robbery Attempt; Injured 91-year-old Woman

A Collinsville man is facing serious charges following an incident where he allegedly assaulted a 91-year-old woman who declined to give him money. The woman sustained injuries as a result of the attack.

Jerome Larkin, a 50-year-old individual, has been charged by St. Louis County prosecutors with first-degree assault, armed criminal action, and second-degree kidnapping in connection with the incident that occurred on May 9. He is currently being held in the county jail on a bond of $150,000, which must be paid in cash.

Based on a probable cause statement from the St. Louis County Police, the victim reported that Larkin visited her residence and requested money from her. According to reports obtained by FirstAlertNews, he is said to have repeatedly struck her with his fists and a metal cane after she refused.

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According to the statement, the victim sustained a fractured wrist and other injuries during the attack.

The police reported that Larkin prevented the victim from leaving and issued several threats to harm her. Additionally, it is claimed that he made threats to revisit the victim’s residence in order to obtain money from her.

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