Florida Man Slammed Infant leading to Death of Baby; Arrested by Authorities

A Melbourne father has been taken into custody following his confession to violently assaulting his infant, resulting in the tragic loss of the child’s life, according to investigators.

At 11 a.m. on June 10, authorities responded to a residence in Melbourne after discovering an unresponsive 6-week-old baby. Tragic Outcome: Infant Rushed to Hospital, Sadly Declared Deceased According to arrest records, Davis stated in his initial police interview that he had fed the baby, took a shower, and discovered the infant unresponsive upon his return.

The baby’s body underwent an autopsy which uncovered internal injuries resulting from blunt force trauma, multiple hemorrhages, fractures, and other indicators of severe trauma, as stated by deputies.

It is suspected that the injuries were inflicted deliberately and with significant force shortly before the baby’s passing. Additional rib fractures were found on the infant, suggesting a history of physical mistreatment.

During the subsequent interview with detectives, Davis confessed to being responsible for the tragic demise of the baby. The individual claimed that the baby’s head came into contact with a door frame by accident, and later, in an effort to prevent the baby from falling, the back of the baby’s head was forcefully struck with their knee.

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On June 19, the parents made a visit to the police department to submit the baby’s medical records. During a subsequent interview with Davis, the truth about what occurred that day was finally revealed as per FOXOrlando .

Davis admitted to investigators that he struck the back of his baby’s head with his knee on multiple occasions. The individual claimed that the baby’s restlessness and wailing led to their heightened stress, resulting in a forceful impact on the infant’s left knee. He acknowledged responsibility for the tragic outcome of the baby.

Davis has been taken into custody and is currently being held at the Brevard County Jail without bond.

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