Mother Shot Daughter to Death and Drowned Son to Death in Missouri, Arrested after Confessing the Crime

A woman was charged Tuesday night with killing her 2-year-old son by drowning him. The woman is identified as Ashley Parmeley. She is reported to be a resident of Pevely.

Parmeley, 36, has not been charged yet with killing her 9-year-old daughter with a gun, but police say they will do so in the next few days.

She appeared at the Festus Police Station and turned herself in after confessing that she killed both of her children. She said that she shot and killed her daughter. The daughter is reported to be 9 years old as per the authorities.

She also stated that she drowned her son to death. The son is said to be 2-year-old according to documents. The authorities have not released the names of the children.

The authorities took Parmeley into custody and charged her with first-degree homicide of her son. The charges for the homicide of the daughter have not been pressed yet.

The officials have started an investigation and the bodies of the victims have been transported for the autopsy. The lady did not disclose the reason for her killings.

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