Top 5 Moments That Created Mikasa Season 4 One of the Most Strongest Character in the Attack on Titan!

We can’t even wait in seeing how things might turn out for some of the characters, particularly for Mikasa season 4, as we await the anime’s conclusion.

There are several individuals in Attack on Titan who catch the eye despite the show’s incredible and diverse cast, which had a big effect on the audience. Levi, Erwin, Kenny, as well as Mikasa, stand out among them because they have accomplished achievements that would appear impossible for the typical individual.

Perhaps one of Attack on Titan’s most powerful characters is Mikasa. She joined the Survey Corps alongside Eren and Armin after graduating from the 104th Cadet Corps as the highest student there. She has participated in numerous fights all through the show. Her friends, notably Eren, were always able to count on her, while the Titans and enemies were afraid of her.

The same as Levi and Kenny, Mikasa was also born powerful since she belonged to the Ackerman Clan, yet despite her strength, Mikasa never acquired any of the Nine Titans. So, here are the best moments that made Mikasa season 4 among the strongest characters.

1. The Ackerman Way

Mikasa Season 4

The Ackermans are believed to possess a secret power, and this incident served as the origin of Mikasa season 4 character. Levi said that Ackermans experience a surge, which provides individuals the strength to conquer anything. Mikasa claims to sense it each time Eren seems to be in danger.

On the day, Grisha had brought Eren to visit her for the very first time. The Yeagers were surprised by what they discovered when they arrived at the Ackermans’ home. Mikasa was saved by Eren, who advanced ahead before his father and murdered two of the criminals. He nearly passed away, though, because he was unaware that there would be a third murderer. Mikasa was instructed to fight by him.

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She hardly imagined she could, but even as she reflected on life, she understood that death was inevitable. However, Mikasa stabbing the abductors who murdered her parents was by far the most dramatic and iconic instance of this. She also managed to save Eren’s life. Thereafter, she completely changed.

2. Mikasa Vs Annie

Mikasa Season 4

Mikasa’s devotion to Eren has been already mentioned a number of times. When he asserted that his love for her constituted his duty as an Ackerman to defend a person, it was really painful. Every time Eren is in danger, she displays her devotion to him. Mikasa went berserk as she saw that the Female Titan had effectively swallowed Eren. Whatever charged in the front of her didn’t matter to her.

Mikasa received another chance to battle Annie after it had been discovered that she was the Female Titan. Mikasa was indeed a big aid, even if Annie and Eren were the major characters in the fight. Mikasa chopped off the Female Titan’s fingers, sending her tumbling as she retreated and mounted the wall.

With the knowledge that she had lost, she used her ability of hardening to encase her body in some kind of a crystal and started being held captive by Paradis. She might well be able to travel back to Marley without Mikasa. This fight was the best for all the characters and literally made Mikasa season 4 Ackerman monster.

3. The Betrayal

Mikasa Season 4

The most shocking betrayals throughout the history of anime had to be those involving Reiner and Bertholdt. Not to mention that even when they stormed Wall Sina, they were still kids, roughly Eren’s age. The following few years were spent by them socializing and understanding the outside world. However, hiding their identity for so long had taken a mental toll.

Even when Eren learned who Reiner and Bertholdt were, Mikasa remained close to him. When they confessed they were really the Armored as well as Colossal Titans, she already attacked them because she suspected they may be.

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All because of Mikasa’s acute perception, she responded without hesitation and slashed the two of them along with her sword. They were forced to change and make themselves visible to everyone. Until they could transform, she attempted to kill them, but she was unsuccessful.

4. Anti-Personnel Control Squad Vs Survey Corps

Mikasa Season 4

That Military Police Brigade turned against the Survey Corps after they started learning about Paradis’s secrets. Kenny Ackerman is the leader of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, a tiny group of MPs tasked with taking down the Survey Corps. Mikasa, as well as Kenny, were connected even though they didn’t truly know one another.

The Survey Corps pursued Eren and Historia after Rod Reiss abducted them. The Anti-Personnel Control Unit was waiting for them, and the two teams engaged in combat.

Soldiers are taught to kill people in the real world. In contrast, the antagonists in Attack on Titan were beasts that devour humans. Therefore, killing someone else doesn’t feel the need to take life, rather, it feels like purging the universe of evil. These titan-killers must doubt their morality when they are forced to kill people.

Mikasa alone, however, managed to defeat a large number of Kenny’s highly skilled men. She tore them apart without hesitation. She played a significant role in opening a route for Levi and many others to save Eren.

5. Nothing to Hold On

Mikasa Season 4

For Mikasa, Eren is everything. This moment was the very first time we saw her as a Human who felt dead within. The other occurrence was when we saw Eren’s brutal words for Armin and Mikasa season 4.

Mikasa, who had just completed the 104th Cadet Corps, was detached from her friends during combat and then sent to the rearguard, in which she assisted civilians in leaving Trost District. Eren, meantime, sacrificed himself for Armin. After hearing what had happened from the lone survivor, Mikasa lost concern for her safety and led her companions into a fight. She ran out of gas but was not paying, though.

Instead of continuing to struggle so that she might remember Eren, she thought of allowing herself to somehow be eaten here anyway. Eren rescued her as a result of her choice, and she later discovered that he had transformed into a titan. Although being among Paradis’ newest troops, Mikasa found the courage she needed to keep assisting her friends in one of her darkest times and destroyed numerous titans.