Man Faces Charges in Tragic Shooting of 10-Year-Old After AR-15 School Incident in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio: Jamar Hunter faces charges in connection with the tragic shooting of a 10-year-old child last October. In a surprising turn of events, 19 Investigates has uncovered new information regarding Hunter’s possession of an AR-15 at East Tech High School in 2022.

On October 14, a tragic incident occurred on Fairport Avenue in Cleveland’s Forest Hills area. Hunter, 20, allegedly fired multiple shots into a car, resulting in the death of a 10-year-old child who was riding with her mother. A Cleveland man has been charged in connection with this deadly shooting. A gunshot injured the girl’s leg, according to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.

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Hunter faces multiple charges including felonious assault, firearm discharge on or near banned premises, evidence tampering, and receiving stolen goods. A SCCY 9mm pistol was reported as stolen, according to court documents.

The legal history of Hunter adds further complications to his case. Prior to the October 2023 shooting, Hunter admitted to felony firearms charges after being found in possession of an American Tactical AR-15 rifle at East Tech High School.

In April 2023, Hunter, 18, admitted to a fifth-degree felony charge of possessing an AR-15 in a school safety zone. He could potentially be sentenced to six to 12 months in jail. The court docket record does not provide any clarity on the punishment, leaving uncertainty regarding whether a jail term or community control will be imposed.

Hunter was instructed by Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold to relinquish the firearm, as well as pay a $250 fine and cover court costs. The details surrounding the likely imprisonment remain uncertain.

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