10 Ice Cream Parlour Employees Arrested for Selling Meth in Town Near Fort Worth

Fort Worth, FL: Authorities made 10 arrests after cracking a drug supply ring. In June 2023, the Clifton Police Department received numerous tips regarding the sale of methamphetamine in a small town of approximately 3,500 residents, located about an hour and a half south of Fort Worth.

After conducting their investigation, they found themselves at the local Dairy Queen, which led to the creation of “Operation Blizzard.”

Undercover drug buys were conducted by the police department, leading to the confirmation of meth sales at various locations in the town, including Dairy Queen.

Assisted by the McLennan County SWAT team and two Texas game wardens, Clifton Police successfully carried out three search warrants from Jan. 16 to Jan. 26.

Authorities have apprehended 10 individuals who are facing serious charges related to the production and distribution of controlled substances. These charges also include possession of controlled substances in an area designated as drug-free, which encompasses a public park and a preschool.

According to the press release, those individuals are no longer employed at Dairy Queen as of this report.

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