Worst Neighborhoods in Washington!

Washington, DC, known for its rich history and political significance, also has neighborhoods that are considered less safe compared to others. Based on the 2024 data, here are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Washington, DC, categorized by their violent crime rates:

  1. Deanwood: With a population of 29,798, Deanwood experiences violent crimes that are 172% more than the Washington average, totaling 2,029 crimes per 100,000 people.
  2. Brentwood: Home to 28,660 people, Brentwood has a violent crime rate that is 76% higher than the city’s average, with 1,307 crimes per 100,000 people.
  3. Anacostia: This neighborhood, with 117,488 residents, sees violent crime rates 72% higher than Washington’s average, amounting to 1,282 crimes per 100,000 people.
  4. U Street Corridor: It has a population of 10,104 and a violent crime rate 47% more than the city average, with 1,092 crimes per 100,000 people.
  5. Stadium-Armory: With 21,142 residents, this area experiences violent crime rates 43% higher than Washington’s average, at 1,064 crimes per 100,000 people.
  6. Shaw: Also at 43% more than the city average, Shaw, with a population of 13,782, sees 1,062 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
  7. South West: This neighborhood, with 11,100 residents, has a violent crime rate 12% higher than the average in Washington, totaling 836 crimes per 100,000 people​​.

Regarding overall safety in Washington, DC, the city has a crime rate of 60 per one thousand residents, which is high compared to all American communities of various sizes. However, when compared to cities of similar population size, Washington’s crime rate is noticeably lower. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Washington is one in 17. The violent crime rate in Washington is one of the highest in the nation, with a chance of becoming a victim of violent crime being one in 75. Property crimes, which include motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary, also contribute significantly to the crime rate, with a one in 21 chance of becoming a victim​​.

The 2024 Year-to-Date Crime Comparison in Washington, DC shows a decrease in some types of crimes compared to the previous year. For example, there was a 60% reduction in homicides, a 18% decrease in robberies, and a 25% decrease in theft from auto. However, there was a 67% increase in sex abuse cases. Overall, there was a 14% reduction in all crimes reported​​.

This data provides a nuanced picture of safety in Washington, DC. While the city as a whole may fare better than other major cities in terms of crime rates, certain neighborhoods still experience significantly higher rates of violent crime. It’s important for residents and visitors to be aware of these variations in safety across different neighborhoods.