Hundreds of Fentanyl Pills Busted in Car in Duchesne County, Utah

On January 26th, officers from the Uintah Basin Narcotics Strikeforce and the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office received information about a vehicle leaving a residence known for drug distribution in a different jurisdiction.

A Myton man’s vehicle was discovered by Duchesne County officers while it was traveling on Highway 40 eastbound. A traffic stop was conducted and a K-9 detected the presence of illegal substances in the vehicle. During the search, authorities found a small black safe conveniently within reach of both individuals in the vehicle.

A safe was discovered with a collection of items including Fentanyl pills, methamphetamine, a baggie of white powdery substance, methamphetamine pipes, and various drug paraphernalia. Both the driver, Kayland Ontiveros, and his passenger, Austin Bruns, were taken into custody.

The pair was then taken to Uintah Basin Medical Center for medical clearance due to their admission of recently smoking Fentanyl. They were booked into the Duchesne County Jail after receiving medical clearances.

Ontiveros faces charges of 2nd Degree Felony Distribution of a Controlled Substance, along with additional drug and traffic charges. Bruns faces charges of 2nd Degree Felony Distribution of a Controlled Substance and additional drug-related offenses.

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