Man Drugged and Molested Minors; Lands in Jail for 255 years in Minnesota

A 47-year-old man from Clinton has been sentenced to 255 years in prison following a guilty verdict from a Scott County jury. The charges against him include sexual abuse and distributing drugs to a minor, as per court records.

Daniel C. Jones has been found guilty of multiple serious charges by a Scott County jury, as stated in court records. The charges include prostitution, sexual exploitation of a minor, distributing drugs to a minor, lascivious acts with a child – fondling, lascivious acts with a child – solicitation, indecent contact with a child, and second-degree sexual abuse.

According to arrest affidavits, authorities claim that Jones engaged in unlawful communication through SnapChat and in person, offering nicotine vaporizers, marijuana vaporizers, a cell phone, rides, and money as incentives to persuade the victim to be alone with him. It was during these encounters that Jones allegedly sexually abused a 13-year-old.

Authorities claim that Jones is accused of illegally providing marijuana to a minor on December 26, 2022. According to affidavits, security video footage captured a dark-colored SUV, which matches the defendant’s black GMC Yukon, repeatedly passing by the victim’s residence on or around December 26, 2022, at approximately 11:11 PM.

The parents of the victim discovered the marijuana soon after it was delivered and promptly reached out to the Bettendorf Police Department around December 27, 2022 to hand over the drugs to the authorities. According to arrest affidavits, the victim was 14 years old as reported by OurQuadCities News.

According to affidavits, authorities claim that Jones took advantage of a 13-year-old at a residence in Davenport by falsely offering to give the victim a tour. According to the police, during the incident, the victim repeatedly expressed her refusal and asked Jones to stop. However, he disregarded her pleas, attempting to convince her that everything would be alright and that no one would find out.

Authorities claim that Jones is accused of engaging in the illegal distribution of marijuana and drug paraphernalia to a minor in return for explicit photographs on a regular basis. In February 2023, the 16-year-old was stopped by Bettendorf Police and marijuana and paraphernalia were seized shortly after receiving a delivery from Jones.

Authorities claim that an incident took place in the back seat of Jones’ vehicle while he was at a McDonald’s parking lot in Bettendorf, involving a 13-year-old victim in 2022. According to court records, despite the victim’s clear refusal and request to stop, he continued his actions.

Authorities claim that Jones is accused of requesting explicit images from a minor and using threats against the victim’s family to coerce compliance. In late 2022, at Veterans Memorial Park in Bettendorf, authorities claim that Jones displayed a black handgun to the young victim, as stated in the affidavits. This caused the individual to feel concerned for their own safety and the well-being of their loved ones.

According to police, Jones is accused of providing a 16-year-old with the HBO documentary on the BunnyRanch and having a conversation about the number of people the victim would need to engage with in order to earn the desired amount of money. Affidavits reveal these allegations. Jones made a disturbing comment about the appearance of the young victim, suggesting that it could lead to financial gain.

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According to court records, Jones is facing allegations of engaging in illegal activities involving a juvenile victim in 2023. It is claimed that Jones offered to pay for certain “services” and provided the victim with $300. Text messages reveal that Jones provided the victim with various material items and services, including money, nicotine vapes, assistance with rent, an iPhone, an iWatch, and hair extensions.

According to affidavits, police claim that Jones made plans to meet a victim in an empty apartment in Bettendorf in January 2023. According to affidavits, he gave the victim money and marijuana as payment, and also offered material items in exchange for additional “services.”

According to court records, there were seven victims involved.

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