Gang Members Protected Larry Nassar in Florida Prison for Cash and “Sexual Favors,” Says Fellow Inmate

Larry Nassar, a disgraced sports doctor who abused women, depended on gangbangers for protection while he rotted in a Florida federal prison, according to another inmate. He paid them in cash and “sexual favors.”

Nassar, who is 60 years old, was seen going into a cell at the federal jail in Sumter County, Florida, with members of a Mexican gang around June 2021, according to Grace Pinson, who served time with Nassar at the high-security prison.

Pinson told The Post in a phone interview from Allenwood, Pa., where the now-transgender inmate is being held that the cell’s door was closed and the windows were covered while the guys were inside. This is the norm when inmates are having sex or doing drugs.

Nassar sexually abused hundreds of athletes, including Olympians Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. The jailbird called Nassar a “scared little church mouse” who only left his cell to go to the chapel. There, she would talk to him about things, like the bodyguard he hired.

Pineson said that Nassar paid the Mexican gang members “a couple hundred dollars a month” to keep him safe during his five years in Coleman.

She said she found out about Nassar’s hired security from the gang members she hung out with in jail. She also said that she saw a cell phone that her cellmate had that the thieves used to talk about business and buy drugs.

Pinson thinks that they made Nassar do “sexual favors” as punishment for raping girls, which was meant to “humiliate and degrade Larry Nassar.”

Even though Nassar had paid security, he was almost killed last year when Shane McMillan, another prisoner, repeatedly stabbed the serial sexual abuser in his cell in July after Nassar was said to have said he wanted to look at female tennis players at Wimbledon.

Since then, the bad doctor has been moved to a federal jail in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania as per The Post.

Under the guise of treating them medically, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University sports doctor sexually abused more than 250 girls and women for decades.

There were many famous athletes, like Olympians Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney, who helped bring down the crazy doctor by reporting horrifying claims of sexual abuse.

There were three cases where Nassar admitted to sexually abusing young athletes and having child pornography. He was given a sentence of hundreds of years in prison.

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