Two Arrested for Assaulting Cops in San Jose SideShow: Authorities

Two individuals have been apprehended by the San Jose police for their alleged involvement in assaulting an officer during a sideshow near Santana Row.

A sideshow occurred on Winchester Boulevard at approximately 7 p.m. on Saturday. Local residents sought assistance from a reserve officer after a pedestrian was hit by a driver during the sideshow.

During the incident, individuals at the event caused damage to the patrol car, hindering the responder’s ability to reach the injured spectator. An officer was also injured in the incident.

The crowd eventually dispersed before additional officers arrived.

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San Jose police announced on Monday that they have apprehended the driver believed to be responsible for injuring the sideshow spectator. The individual has been identified as Aidan Renault, aged 24.

Acting Police Chief Paul Joseph emphasized their commitment to identifying and apprehending all those involved. On Wednesday, the San Jose police successfully located two suspects in the city of San Juan Bautista, which is approximately an hour south of San Jose as reported by CBS News.

The suspects have been identified by the police as Tyler Durbin, 22, and Gabe Durbin, 26. They were taken into custody on charges of inciting a riot, assaulting a peace officer, and committing felony vandalism.

San Jose police are diligently working to identify all other spectators involved in the incident.

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