Man assaults Locals especially women, But never faced Jail for Offences in New York City

New York City, NY: A 33-year-old homeless man with a long criminal record has been a nuisance to a Brooklyn neighborhood for almost ten years. Neighbors have complained about him shoplifting, hitting women, and threatening local businesses at random, yet he is still free to do what he wants.

One Greenpoint store owner has a metal rod on hand in case registered sex offender Christopher Boissard ever comes up at his door; he has been a long-running problem in the neighborhood.

According to the NYPD, Boissard has been detained by law enforcement on twelve separate occasions since 2022; each time, he has been subsequently freed after appearing in court for arraignment.

A total of 39 times since 2011, he has been apprehended on accusations ranging from assault to robbery and criminal mischief. Additionally, there are two dozen incidents when he was designated as an emotionally disturbed person.

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Boissard was found guilty of abusing a 19-year-old woman in 2021 and was designated a category 3 sex offender. Court records indicate that he is “deaf and mute” and does not know sign language, which makes it difficult for him to communicate.

His most recent arrests were for misdemeanors, the lowest degree of criminal offenses punishable by a year in Rikers Island. As a result, he has managed to avoid serving longer terms in prison.

Furthermore, according to sources, Boissard was legally forced to have the misdemeanor charges against him dropped after psychiatric evaluations mandated by the court determined he was incompetent to stand trial as recently as last year.

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Assault charges arising from an incident on July 19 in which he allegedly approached a woman in the neighborhood from behind and struck her on the head are likely to be among them. His most recent arrest is related to this.

The charges against him would have remained in place until he was deemed fit to stand trial and confront the allegations, in the event that they had been felonies.