New York Man kept Dismembered Body Parts in his Freezer; Makes 1st appearance in Court

New York City: A man from Harlem has been charged with murder, according to the authorities, who discovered dismembered body parts in his freezer.

The accused man, Sheldon Johnson, 48, appeared before a magistrate on Thursday.

He is a defendant who was remanded to prison without bail on charges of dismembering a body. The police are still attempting to ascertain the reason for this.

Surveillance footage captured the final image of Collin Small entering his Highbridge apartment on Tuesday.

The following day, Johnson was discovered within the apartment on Summit Avenue belonging to Small. Anatomically, he was in possession of a torso, head, and limbs absent. He was taken into police custody.

“The first tenant reports hearing two gunshots and exiting the building,” said building super Orlando Medina.

Medina requested a welfare check on Small from the police after two residents of the sixth-floor apartment reported hearing gunfire from it.

Surveillance footage provides a portion of the narrative. Johnson is seen carrying a large blue receptacle, cleaning supplies, and a blonde wig in the photographs.

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“Entrying and exiting the apartment while wearing various articles of clothing and wigs.” “I called because I thought it was odd,” Medina explained.

Johnson, according to the police, shot Small before dismembering his corpse. Upon searching Johnson’s Harlem residence, the remaining skeletal remains were discovered—the head and arms—in a freezer.

“Nothing is left to say.” “That is beyond description,” said Medina.

Johnson is not an outsider to the legal system; he received sentences exceeding two decades in prison for attempted homicide and robbery. Since his release, he had been employed at the Queens public defender’s office as a counselor assisting at-risk juveniles.

During a February appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he stated, “Upon exiting the establishment, I resolved to walk away without regard for the repercussions.” Furthermore, I resolved that since I had been acting negatively for so long, I would make an effort to improve. “If all else fails, I could certainly revert to engaging in undesirable behavior.”

Presently, he is incarcerated once more on suspicion of homicide, manslaughter, and criminal weapon possession.