Gang Members arrested in New York, Police say all of them have a long History of Crimes

New York City: NYPD made a successful attempt after 16 gang members were caught in an operation.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office, sixteen individuals who were involved in an infamous drug trafficking ring in the state of New York were apprehended and charged with several offenses as part of a coordinated operation.

Creating an open drug market, the “Valentine Avenue Crew” has “held a Bronx neighborhood hostage” for more than a decade, according to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damon Williams.

The suspects include the following individuals:

  • Edwin Carrasquillo, also known as “Malo”
  • Hector Hernandez, also known as “Hec”
  • Jose Hernandez, also known as “Nene” and “Little”
  • Nathaniel Manning, also known as “Tio”
  • Damel Marcus, also known as “Shank”
  • Edwardo Moreno, also known as “AR”
  • Jason Rivera, also known as “Columbo”
  • Josue Vargas, also known as “Leo”
  • Juan Kuang, also known as “Jo Jo,” “Jay” and “Blanco”
  • Steven Santiago, also known as “Swizz”
  • Victor Mendeng, also known as “Cali”
  • Delilah Carriel
  • Rosemarie Sanchez, also known as “Rosie”
  • Juan Calderon, also known as “Jazzo” and “Juanito”
  • Christopher Meadows
  • Angel Villafane

According to Williams, the group has been carrying out activities like as extorting addicts, employing violence against competitors, and being engaged in at least two shootings in order to keep control of the streets since the year 2012.

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