Police Say There Was No Explosive Device Found Despite Bomb Threat At Wallkill Hospital

In an unsettling event this past Wednesday, March 20, Garnet Health Medical Center, located in Wallkill, Orange County, became the center of a high-alert security situation following a bomb threat. The incident prompted a swift and coordinated response from local law enforcement and emergency services.

The alarm was raised when the Wallkill Police Department received a distressing call from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, who had been informed of a potential bomb threat aimed at the hospital. Deputy Chief Antonino Spano of the Wallkill Police outlined that the ominous call originated from an individual at the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in Goshen, raising immediate concerns for the safety of patients and staff at Garnet Health Medical Center.

In response to the threat, a comprehensive search operation was launched. This included teams from various units: the Town of Wallkill Police, Garnet Health Medical Center’s own security personnel, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and specialized K9 units from the Town of Chester and the Village of Goshen.

The operation focused on a thorough examination of the hospital’s exterior, buildings, and surrounding grounds. Despite the grave nature of the threat, the extensive search did not uncover any explosive devices or suspects linked to the threat.

Deputy Chief Spano provided a reassuring update in the wake of the search operations, confirming that there were no reported injuries nor any disruption to hospital services. The incident, while alarming, did not translate into any tangible harm, allowing the hospital to continue its crucial medical operations without pause.

The investigation into this serious matter is actively ongoing, with local law enforcement delving into the origins of the threat and the motive behind it. This incident has highlighted the importance of prompt and coordinated responses to potential threats to public safety, particularly in environments as critical as healthcare facilities.

The community and hospital staff can take solace in the effective and efficient response to the situation, though it serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present need for vigilance and preparedness in the face of possible dangers. As the investigation continues, the primary focus remains the safety and security of the patients, staff, and visitors of Garnet Health Medical Center.