Man Arrested after 11-year-old Overdosed on Fentanyl in New Hampshire; Girl Found Pills in Man’s Room and Apparently Swallowed it

An 11-year-old girl is currently in recovery after an incident involving fentanyl, according to authorities in Nashua.

According to the authorities, the child was able to pull through thanks to the prompt administration of Narcan by first responders.

According to investigators, a distressing incident occurred last Thursday on Underhill Street in Nashua. At the time, a young girl was left unsupervised with another 11-year-old. Authorities received a report that the child had become unconscious due to an overdose of fentanyl.

According to the police, the girl regained consciousness after receiving Narcan and was then transported to a hospital.

Authorities reported that the young girl discovered the drugs in the living quarters of Tyler Greenhalgh, a 31-year-old individual with a documented record of substance abuse. Authorities have determined that the fentanyl belonged to him, according to their investigation.

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Greenhalgh has been taken into custody on charges related to the possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child as reported by WMUR News.

“I still think we’re in a good trend. But just by the nature of this disease, if you will, it can go either way at any point in time,” said Chris Stawasz, regional director of American Medical Response. Stawasz said this should still be a warning that these drugs should not be anywhere near adults, let alone children. “It is a very lethal drug, it can kill you the first time you use it.”

Authorities have reported that the young girl’s condition is currently stable. Greenhalgh’s arraignment is set for next month.

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