Kung Fu Panda: A Look On it’s Main Characters!

In this article, we will discuss about the Kung fu Panda Characters and their role in the movie. Let’s find out.


With the release of Kung Fu Panda 4 on March 8, 2024, the Kung Fu Panda franchise will return to the big screen after an 8-year sabbatical. Po and his comrades will return for another martial arts adventure, adding to their earlier clashes with Tai Lung, Lord Shen, and Kai.

There are a number of skilled fighters in the series, thanks to characters like Master Shifu, Master Oogway, and the Furious Five. Because it’s been a while since the most recent release, it’s best to review each key character’s skills and talents to determine who is the strongest fighter among them.

The Furious Five (Excluding Tigress)

When the series begins, the Furious Five are regarded as the valley’s defenders, despite the fact that, with the exception of Tigress, they have all been easily vanquished by the primary antagonists. Monkey, Crane, Viper, and Mantis all work well as a team, ensuring that their opponents have no room to counter.

kung fu panda characters

They do, however, rely on Tigress’ orders and can be lost without them. Viper’s speed, Monkey’s agility, Crane’s flight, and Mantis’ strength are the most important components in their martial arts talents. The four are unquestionably more proficient than the typical fighter, but they fall short of the big ones.


Kung Fu Panda is largely regarded as one of the greatest Angelina Jolie films, with Tigress distinguishing out from the rest of the Furious Five. Tigress’ abilities have been quite inconsistent as she has been vanquished by Shen and Kai, but she has always beaten Po.

kung fu panda characters
That’s mostly because Po doesn’t want to damage Tigress, but it’s also evident she’s a cut above the rest in terms of sheer competence. Tigress has the ability to counter an opponent’s offense and can withstand more damage. She often loses when her opponents outnumber her in terms of power, which is a difficult lesson for a character to learn.

Lord Shen

Lord Shen’s agility was off the charts when he was initially presented as one of DreamWorks’ finest villains, capable of deploying his feathers to devastating advantage. Shen could penetrate his opponents quickly because to how quickly he could pull his feathers, yet warriors like Po were proven to be able to resist it.

kung fu panda characters
Shen was also more reliant on his weapon than on close combat, which makes it harder to see Shen trouble more strong opponents. He was a powerful combatant in general, but his inability to access true powers kept him below certain others.

Master Shifu

Master Shifu lacks the power that many others have, but he compensates by employing cunning strategies. Shifu may deceive his opponents by exploiting their weaknesses, such as Po’s early lack of agility and Tai Lung’s proclivity for power techniques over defense.

kung fu panda characters

Shifu has mostly been seen at his elder age throughout the series, therefore he hasn’t been at his prime. It’s understandable that he was a larger issue in his youth, but Shifu’s inner calm and martial arts skills still make him a danger when the situation calls for it.

Tai Lung

Kung Fu Panda 4 is one of the most anticipated Dreamworks projects owing to the likelihood of Tai Lung’s comeback. The original villain defeated everyone of the Furious Five and even Shifu, despite the character’s combat being damaging and furious for the majority of his opponents.

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Tai Lung could incapacitate his adversaries by attacking their pressure spots, and he possessed superhuman power capable of destroying the surroundings. He eventually lost to Po because the latter was the anti-Tai Lung in the sense that his body was impervious to Tai Lung’s attacks. Tai Lung was also said to have lost to Kai in the Spirit Realm after losing to Master Oogway initially.

Master Oogway

Because of his intelligence, Master Oogway was a Kung Fu Panda character who was more interested in the signs of the cosmos than fighting. He was, however, in a league of his own, as seen by his swift defeat of Tai Lung after everyone else had succumbed to him.

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Oogway’s combat abilities were on display in Kung Fu Panda 3 when he battled on equal footing with Kai, cementing him as one of the series’ most formidable creatures. He only fell to Kai because he willingly gave up his chi, for Oogway believed Po was the chosen one to slay the evil.


Kai was the series’ biggest danger, having taken over the Spirit Realm by beating the likes of Oogway and Tai Lung, and then defeating Po before the latter realized his skills of possessing chi.

kung fu panda characters
Kai’s usage of the jade blades made it virtually hard to hit the adversary, who had an astounding range of attacks. Those that did manage to land an offensive didn’t make much of a dent due to his superhuman strength and longevity. His major weakness was against individuals who possessed chi, and Kai was defeated once Po was able to use his own.

Po Ping

Po, the series’ primary protagonist, has defeated the most formidable foes. Po vanquished Tai Lung with his body and mastery of the Wuxi Finger Hold; he conquered Lord Shen with the secret of inner serenity; and he defeated Kai with his chi.

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Po has been demonstrated to lose against Tigress and Shifu since he poses no danger to his teammates. However, the protagonist has always stepped up his game against the enemies. Po has learned every martial method known to man, and his inherent affinity for chi has allowed him to become the Dragon Warrior.

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