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To begin, the sexual film’s success prompted the filmmakers to begin production on a sequel, which will be released in 2022. Despite a lot of obstacles, Netflix decided to show the Polish film, and the controversial thriller became an instant success. There are now two sequels in the works. Following its premiere, 365 Days immediately became the most-watched film on Netflix in 2020.


As a consequence, Netflix came in quickly to bring it under in-house production for future episodes. As a result, the following sequels will be available as Netflix Originals. The film will be a trilogy, with the second installment already in the works at Netflix. The novel from the book series that inspired the picture will be adapted. Manufacturing was set to begin in Sicily in August 2020. However, it was postponed due to the global outbreak.

365 days 2 Release Date

The sequel to 365 Days will be released in 2022. Filming began in May 2021, with both future sequels being shot simultaneously in Poland and Italy. Furthermore, when Netflix bought the picture, they decided not to release it in cinemas as originally planned. Instead, it will only be accessible on Netflix. While there is no set release date, it is expected to be available on Netflix in 2022.

Who is in the cast?

The original 365 Days 2 cast members will return in future sequels. Massimo will be played by Michele Morrone once more, and Laura by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes will return to direct the sequel. Olga is played again by Magdalena Lamparska. OtarSaralidze reprises his role as Dominico. Many new cast members will also be introduced, including model and actress Simone Susinna, who will play Nacho.

365 days 2 release date

The first film ends on a cliffhanger, allowing the spectator to speculate about Laura’s survival. However, Laura and Massimo’s story will be continued in the following sequel, which implies that she is still alive and well. Laura becomes pregnant, and Massimo marries Laura. When Marcelo “Nacho” Matos arrives, new challenges will arise as they reunite. He wants Laura’s trust and devotion at any cost, so he makes an ambiguous entrance. He tests Massimo and Laura’s relationship, and Laura starts to fall for him. Many viewers are aware of Massimo’s crush on Laura, and they may have an idea of how the wealthy and attractive mafia leader would try to win her back.

The original Movie Plot

The original 365 days storyline is as follows. Massimo Torricelli, a Mafia boss, kidnaps Laura Biel with the goal of keeping her hostage for 365 days in the hope that she will fall in love with him. When they spend time together, Laura taunts him and finally refuses to have sex with him; he becomes physically angry with her. Massimo admits to shooting the person who touched her, igniting a conflict between the rival families.

365 days 2 release date

Domenico, another of Massimo’s mafiosi, tries to persuade Laura that Anna would not hurt her, but suddenly gets a phone call, tells Laura to wait in Warsaw, and rushes away. Laura reunites with Olga in Warsaw, and they go dancing, where she encounters Martin, who claims he has been looking for her.

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Massimo and Laura later attend a masquerade party, where Laura is threatened by a lady named Anna. The next morning, Massimo proposes, and she accepts.

365 days 2 plot

When you consider that there are two more novels in the series on which the film is based, the cliffhanger at the end of “365 Days” isn’t much of a cliffhanger. In the second novel, Massimo and Laura resume their lives together. He learns about her pregnancy and they marry, but then Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Susinna) pulls a Massimo and kidnaps Laura. As a result, she falls for Nacho as well. Voilà! There is an immediate love triangle. Laura and the baby’s life are in jeopardy, and there’s speculation that Massimo has an evil twin.

365 days 2 release date

To be honest, it appears to be just as much of a hot mess as the previous film, if not more so — but the “hot” part is what keeps people returning, and more of the same is planned for Part 3. According to Deadline, some of the disturbing themes from the first film may be alleviated with a more cautious approach under Netflix’s oversight. Fans will have to wait until next year to find out whether this is the case.

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