Indiana Mom Arrested after Choking Kids after Drinking Party with Boyfriend; Kids Called Grandma after Seeing Mom’s Erratic Behaviour

A woman from Lebanon was taken into custody following an incident where she allegedly assaulted her children in a fit of anger earlier this month.

A report of a battery between a mother and son in Lebanon prompted the Lebanon Police Department to respond to an undisclosed address on Thursday. The son informed the officers that his mother allegedly choked him and then departed from the residence on foot.

Upon arrival, the police spoke with the 13-year-old victim, along with other witnesses and their legal guardian and grandmother. The officer noticed visible signs of injury around the neck of the 13-year-old boy, including redness, bruising, and a cut.

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Based on court documents, witnesses have reported that Walker was seen consuming Fireball whiskey in the company of her boyfriend, despite the existence of a protective no-contact order. As Walker’s boyfriend was leaving, he had a close call while driving away from the house. Thankfully, the children quickly contacted their grandmother for assistance.

When the grandmother returned from work, she observed Walker’s evident frustration as she hastily packed her suitcase. In addition, she made a disturbing threat to take one of the three children, which made the grandmother uneasy. Nevertheless, Walker remained determined and placed the child in a wagon, swiftly making their way down the street. The rest of the children quickly caught up and Walker eventually decided to face them.

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Upon arriving at Elm Street Trailer Park, the young victim swiftly took hold of the child from the wagon. A mother confronted a 13-year-old, accusing him of taking another child, and proceeded to choke him.

Another young person present tried to intervene and separate their mother from their brother but unfortunately got injured in the process as reported by Fox59 News.

After the attack, Walker went outside the home and started tearing down the blinds of the 13-year-old from the outside. The young person stepped outside and engaged in another altercation, where she proceeded to choke him once more. During the incident, the younger sister used a curtain rod to strike her mother, causing her to release the boy. They immediately dialed 911.

Walker had a mark on her arm after being hit by the curtain rod. Walker was taken to the Boone County Jail after being discovered near the scene.

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