Adopted Son Kept in Cage-like Structure and Brutally Abused by Parents in Florida; Mother Confessed Crimes in Court

A mother in Florida has admitted to confining her adopted son in a small, cell-like room designed to keep him trapped in his own home. Despite this disturbing act, she was only given probation as her punishment.

Tracy Ferriter, aged 48, has admitted to committing aggravated child abuse, false imprisonment, and child neglect. These charges stem from the severe punishment inflicted upon the young boy. During a period in late 2021 and early 2022, she and her husband, Timothy Ferriter, 48, made their son live in a small room in the family’s garage.

The defendant was sentenced to 10 years of probation by 15th Circuit Court Judge Howard Coates after admitting guilt.

The apology led to a clear disparity in the severity of the sentences. In October 2023, Timothy Ferriter faced conviction for a range of charges. In the following month, he received a five-year prison sentence from the same judge, which would be followed by five years of probation in a Sunshine State correctional facility.

Tracy Ferriter has been sentenced to a decade of probation, along with several other requirements. She will need to complete 300 hours of community service, undergo a mental health evaluation, attend anger management and parenting classes, and maintain no contact with her husband or the victim.

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The Ferriters were taken into custody on February 8, 2022, facing allegations of child abuse and false imprisonment. According to law enforcement, the alleged abuse started in 2017 and continued for a period of five years. According to investigators from the Jupiter Police Department, the room in the garage was constructed in December 2021, as confirmed by a contractor.

Upon finishing the task, the builder promptly reached out to the authorities and characterized the project as “highly unusual,” as stated in an arrest affidavit.

On New Year’s Eve, the boy was discovered at school and detectives promptly initiated interviews with him. Shortly after, a story on the cover started to unravel. Tracy Ferriter informed the authorities that the building served as a place of work.

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There were reportedly inconsistencies in the woman’s account as per Law&Crime. According to the police, she later informed them that the structure had been utilized as a storage room. Eventually, she mentioned that all of her children occasionally made use of it as well.

As per the authorities, the young boy reported experiencing physical punishment, including spanking, being hit with a belt and jump rope, and being spat on. According to law enforcement, during his interview, he reportedly expressed a preference for being incarcerated rather than returning home.

According to the teen’s siblings, numerous details of the abuse have been corroborated.

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