The Cobra Kai Star Admitted To Dating Her Co-Star- Is It True? Let’s Find Out!

Do you guys wonder that what is the relationship status of Hannah Kepple and Xolo. Let’s Find Out in this article!

While Cobra Kai is recognized for its amazing battle sequences, the majority of the show’s storylines concentrate around the characters’ romantic and non-romantic relationships‘.

 Miguel Diaz (Xolo Mariduea) has had a troubled love life throughout the seasons. Both Daniel LaRusso’s daughter Samantha (Mary Mouser) and her competitor Tory Nichols have dated the character (Peyton List). Miguel kisses Sam at Moon’s (Hannah Kepple) party while in a relationship with Tory in Season 2 Episode 9. This leads to the violent events of the Season 2 finale, which place Miguel in the hospital. The All-Valley champion is back with Sam as of Season 3, Episode 10.

With all of the controversy surrounding Miguel’s romances, viewers may be wondering if the actor who plays him has a girlfriend.

Hannah Kepple Revealed That She Was Dating Mariduena in 2019

Hannah Kepple revealed that she was dating her co-star, Mariduea, during an interview with MEA WorldWide at The Paley Center for Media in April 2019. She revealed that their friendship began during the development of Cobra Kai Season 1.

“Well, I’m dating Xolo, the actor who portrays Miguel. “We were actually friends during season one, a bit flirtatious, and then we began chatting after season one, and it clicked,” Kepple added.’

The actress went on to reveal that she likes spending time with Mary Mouser, Mariduea’s on-screen love interest.
I also enjoy talking with Mary. She’s a lot of fun.” I enjoy hanging out at her place with her adorable little dog [Lady Charlotte],” Kepple remarked.
She then mentioned that Moon only had a limited amount of scene time with Miguel. Kepple, on the other hand, stated that she appreciates the relationship between Mariduea and Mouser’s characters.

hannah kepple and xolo still together

I’m a huge admirer of Miguel and Sam… But I enjoy — I enjoy watching [Miguel] grow. It’s also a lot of fun to watch each other work… “I get to sit back and observe him rather than being a part of it and worrying about my role,” the actress revealed.

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Having said that, it’s unknown whether the Cobra Kai co-stars “are still together,” as Glamour Fame revealed. Mariduea and Kepple have previously published portions of their relationship on their social media sites, according to the newspaper in September 2020. Those uploads, however, have now been removed.

Mariduena Kissing Mary Mouser just Received a Comment, What was the Comment?

Glamour Fame further stated that some Cobra Kai fans were interested in Mariduea dating Mouser. However, it appears that their relationship is entirely platonic, since the 24-year-old actress is romantically associated with Brett Pierce, an actor who has been on A Million Little Things. She stated in a recent Instagram post that the couple has been dating since December 2015.

hannah kepple and xolo still together

Mariduea reportedly described kissing Mouser for the first time during the making of Cobra Kai Season 1 as previously reported by Heavy. The actor stated in a January interview on the Netflix UK & Ireland YouTube channel that they had their first kiss off-camera, as Mary.

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The third season of Netflix was launched on January 1, 2021. It consisted of ten episodes. Cobra Kai fans were curious whether Hannah Kepple and Xolo were still dating. The pair is no longer together, and their images have been deleted from each other’s social media profiles.

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