Is Katina and Olajuwon still Together from MAFS Season 14?

Married at First Sight‘ engages viewers by putting a new spin on the tried-and-true dating reality show format. When a group of eligible individuals signs up, relationship specialists match them based on their qualities, desires, and other factors. These newlyweds meet at the altar and marry before embarking on an extravagant honeymoon. They are later permitted to settle into daily life and learn to know one other better. They must ultimately decide whether to continue their marriage or to divorce.

‘MAFS’ season 14 matched them up. On their first date, Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson appeared to be highly drawn to each other. They were also very pleased to begin their adventure together and were looking forward to what life has in store for them. However, the path ahead was riddled with stumbling blocks, leaving many to worry if the couple could withstand the test of time. So, will we investigate?

The Married at First Sight Journey of Katina and Olajuwon

Surprisingly, both Olajuwon and Katina enjoyed partying and never really considered marriage. Olajuwon admitted that he used to be a playboy with few meaningful partnerships. Katina, on the other hand, desired to date someone exclusively but was never fortunate in love. Putting their trust in ‘MAFS,’ the two joined up for the program and were paired together. Despite the fact that they were both excited to see what the experts had in store for them, Katina had cold feet on her wedding day.

 are katina and olajuwon still together

Nonetheless, Katina quickly pushed her concerns aside and chose to go with the flow. Olajuwon, on the other hand, seemed pretty delighted and repeatedly praising the experts for pairing him with someone as beautiful as Katina. The overwhelming comments were a little much for Katina’s liking, but she was grateful to have a spouse with whom she could converse. Furthermore, Olajuwon won his wife’s heart by proposing on one knee during the wedding.

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Later, Olajuwon attempted to begin intimacy immediately following the marriage, but Katina did not appear to reciprocate. Nonetheless, the pair became fairly comfortable with one other while dancing and were delighted to discover their similar love of travel. However, the relationship deteriorated in the days that followed because Olajuwon did not appear to support his wife’s objectives. When he found out Katina was studying for a degree that would take four to five years to accomplish, he became increasingly anxious about her ability to have children while studying.

Olajuwon, on the other hand, wanted her to cook and clean every day and questioned if she would be able to manage her domestic tasks and schoolwork. Furthermore, Olajuwon was apprehensive that Katina’s goals might interfere with his vacation plans. However, unlike some of the other couples on the show, Olajuwon was forthright about his problems and shared them with both a friend and his wife.

 are katina and olajuwon still together

Naturally, Katina was saddened by Olajuwon’s attitude, but she chose to stick with him and try to make their relationship work. She expressed her hope that her spouse would reconsider and claimed that she would find it difficult to resume dating if the ‘MAFS‘ experiment failed. Katina’s prayers were fulfilled, much to the pleasure of supporters, when Olajuwon opted to stay married on Decision Day. He also claimed to have recognized his errors and apologized for how he treated his wife. So, where does it leave them? Did they overcome their difficulties?

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Are Katina and Olajuwon Still Married?

Katina and Olajuwon attended the season reunion together after electing to stay married on Decision Day, proving that they were making their marriage work. Moreover, Olajuwon went the extra mile by apologizing to his wife on national television and stating, “I live by one thing: work hard today, focus on tomorrow and the rest is history. You exemplify it. You showed me that patience and work are the keys to a good life and marriage. I couldn’t be happier to call you my wife, Katina, and I mean it.


On November 11, the pair from Married at First Sight season 14 announced their divorce after a year of marriage. Katina and Olajuwon highlighted in a joint statement posted on Instagram that they did not make this decision lightly. “We have chosen to split ways after one year of marriage and great thinking and contemplation,” the statement said.

This is all about the Relationship Status of the beloved couple! Stay Tuned for more such Updates.

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