Where are the Joe Millionaire Guys Now, and Are They Still Wealthy?

In this article we will get to know that Are the Joe Millionaire couples still together or Not?

When people talk about dating “reality” shows in this day and age, The Bachelor and the other series in the franchise are almost always mentioned. However, in 2003, there was another dating program that piqued people’s interest- Joe Millionaire. After all, when the first season of Joe Millionaire premiered, it became an instant hit.

Unfortunately, Joe Millionaire’s second season was a disappointment, and the program was discontinued. To many people’s surprise, a new season of Joe Millionaire just premiered, and while the show might be uncomfortable at times, it attracted many viewers.

Since so many people are now Joe Millionaire fans again, there are a lot of viewers who want to know what the guys who have starred in the show are up to now and how rich they are.

What Has Happened to the Original Joe Millionaire?

When the first season of Joe Millionaire premiered, a group of ladies were encouraged to believe they would be competing for the love of an extraordinarily wealthy guy. To accomplish this accomplishment, the program was shot at a mansion, and a guy acted as the show’s star, who was yearning for love. However, the episode revealed that the eligible bachelor, Evan Marriott, was a working-class construction worker who was far from affluent.

are the joe millionaire couples still together

When Joe Millionaire became popular, members of the media began investigating everyone involved. As a consequence, it was determined that Evan Marriott worked as a model in addition to being a construction worker. Still, Marriott wasn’t quite as wealthy as the show led the ladies to assume. Evan Marriott determined towards the end of Joe Millionaire’s first season that he wanted to be in a relationship with Zora Andrich. Marriott and Andrich were granted a $1 million reward since she chose to stay with Evan at the end of the season after his actual riches was disclosed. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t last long together, so they had to divide the prize money.

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According to celebritynetworth.com, Evan Marriott appears to have done well with his prize money, as he now has a $1.5 million wealth. Marriott once disclosed that he used his prize money to invest in a heavy-equipment rental-contracting firm in Orange County.

are the joe millionaire couples still together

Marriott has generally maintained a quiet and reclusive existence in the years since he became a business owner. Marriott not only has more money than he did when Joe Millionaire was filmed, but he also looks drastically different today.

Joe Millionaire For Richer or Poorer: Where Are They Now?

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,’ an intriguing variation on the tried and true format of dating reality shows, attempts to solve the age-old issue of whether love can prevail over money. It centers on 18 ladies fighting for the attention of two eligible bachelors, one of which is a billionaire. However, the female competitors are unaware of this truth as they strive to locate the right match.

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Finally, only on the final day is the millionaire exposed, putting love to the test. While the curtain has just gone down on an amazing first season, speculation about the cast members’ futures has already begun.  Thus, to settle all questions fans might have, we decided to dig in and find out where the cast of ‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ season 1 is at present!

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