Is Heidi from The Hills Still Dating Spencer? Let’s Find Out All We Know About Them!

Yes, we’re referring to the After Shock cast. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2009. Heidi and Spencer had an excellent relationship. It’s been many years after their marriage, and people are now questioning if Heidi and Spencer are still together.

Before we go into how things started and where they are now, let’s take a look at the prominence of these two stars, Heidi and Spencer. Heidi Spencer rose to prominence after her role in the reality television series The Hills.  So, Are Heidi and Spencer back together? Let’s Find Out in this article!


Heidi and Spencer’s Tour in The Hills

Heidi and Spencer met in a Hollywood bar in 2007 while the former was filming ‘The Hills.’ Lauren Conrad broke up with Heidi because of her relationship with Spencer. Furthermore, she accused them both of spreading the rumors about her sex tape, but in October 2015, Spencer admitted to creating the rumor.

Heidi and Spencer's dating

Spencer was pictured proposing to Heidi in August 2007, but it was actually a promise ring. Heidi and Spencer planned to elope in November 2008, when they were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The pair married at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena in April 2009.

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The pair went through a rough patch in 2010, with Spencer announcing his departure from the program. Heidi filed for formal separation in June 2010, and the pair separated a few weeks later, with Spencer even calling their marriage a forgery. Spencer said in August 2010 that he will be selling Heidi’s sex video. By September, though, the couple had agreed to postpone the divorce and work things out on a trip in Costa Rica. They renewed their vows in November 2010.

Are Heidi and Spencer Still Together?

Heidi and Spencer are definitely in a relationship. The pair recently backed Mischa Barton, the cast member who was fired from ‘The Hills: New Beginnings.’ They’ve claimed that she’s not dull. Heidi and Spencer have also added Gunner to the cast.

We know the couple has endured some financial setbacks, which is why they staged their divorce. Spencer, on the other hand, is attempting to turn things around with Pratt Daddy Crystals. As seen by his most recent post, he is still blissfully married to Heidi.

Heidi and Spencer's dating

Spencer has lately commented about filming without camera people in the residences during the quarantine. He has also used this opportunity to discuss how he is spending his confinement. Pratt claims he hasn’t been conversing to anyone but his wife, kid, hummingbirds, and God. He also appears to be preoccupied with his company, as Heidi observed, “It’s been good to refocus on the crystals and our love of them since sometimes we’re so busy.” We’ll leave you with a joyful image of the family having fun in Colorado.

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In July 2011, the pair stated that their split and divorce were a ruse to generate money. Heidi and Spencer announced in April 2017 that they were expecting their first child. You may see a photo of Heidi with her baby belly from about that time.

How did Heidi and Spencer lose their money?

Spencer said he earned up to $175,000 every episode of The Hills, and the pair earned up to $2 million per year through paid appearances and photoshoots. The pair was worth $10 million together at its height.

Heidi and Spencer's dating

However, by the end of the show, they had spent their fortune on items such as, $1 million on Heidi’s luxury designer wardrobe, a full staff that cost up to $15,000 for a night out, boujee dinners with $3,000 bottles of wine, and Spencer’s crystal collection, on which he estimates he spent up to $1 million.


Heidi and Spencer have been a happy couple ever since. You should never give up on someone you care deeply about! Best wishes to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for their forthcoming days. I’m hoping to see them together more on television. Also, we hope Heidi and Spencer’s marriage lasts forever.

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