Former Georgia Cop Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter after He Shot 20-year-old after Hot Chase

Atlanta, GA: Following a tragic pursuit in October 2023, a grand jury indicted a former Woodstock police officer for involuntary manslaughter. The officer is currently in detention.

The Cobb County Jail booked Grant Matthew Shaw, a resident of Canton, at 9:59 a.m. on April 22, according to records. There was no bond in place at that moment.

Shaw is accused of killing Emmanuel Malik Millard on October 12, 2023. Millard was 20 when he was shot dead after the chase.

“The family is very pleased with the efforts that have been made so far. The district attorney’s office has done a phenomenal job in pursuing this case and the family is very happy with those efforts,” said Millard’s family attorney, Andrew Lampros. 

Officers attempted to pull Millard over for various traffic charges on Highway 92 and Hames Road, which led to a pursuit.

Officers eventually executed a PIT maneuver, resulting in Millard’s collision. The chase ended with the shooting and subsequent death of Millard. He was rushed to North Fulton Hospital where he passed away.

“It’s pretty clear that at the time Mr. Millard was following the officer’s commands and doing what he was asked to do,” said Lampros, who saw the unreleased body camera video of the incident.

“Traffic stops are not supposed to end in the death of the person who was stopped, especially when they present no danger to themselves or anyone else,” said Lampros.

Shaw resigned from the Police Department in October 2023 as per FOX5Atlanta.

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