20 Arrested by Florida Authorities, Alleged Members of Major Drug Trafficking Gang

Seminole County, FL: The Florida Law Enforcement Authorities arrested 20 individuals in a drug and weapon bust in Seminole County

On Tuesday, Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma announced that investigators in Florida had apprehended 20 individuals and were seeking 13 more in connection with a major narcotics trafficking ring.

Along with distributing narcotics like fentanyl, heroin, meth, and “Molly,” the gang also sold firearms like machine guns, rifles, and handguns.

One instance involves members of the groups attempting to utilize a drone to disperse illegal items such as cell phones, SIM cards, razors, tobacco, and more beyond the protected perimeter of a Florida prison.

Dennis Lemma, the sheriff of Seminole County, announced the bust and subsequent arrest of a huge drug ring. The group allegedly tried to exploit a drone to smuggle cigarettes, razors, cell phones, SIM cards, and other contraband into a prison in Florida.

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Another case involved a UPS manager who, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, would transport packages to individuals linked to the trafficking ring after intercepting them with bogus addresses.

“For years, we have emphasized that we cannot arrest our way out of the drug epidemic facing our country, but we also must hold drug dealers accountable to the fullest extent of the law. This scale of this investigation exemplifies the importance of collaboration among law enforcement agencies and underscores our commitment to tackling illicit narcotics on our streets, especially Fentanyl and the associated organized crime,” Sheriff Lemma said in prepared remarks. 

The findings of the operation revealed that the gang members conspired to kill an inmate in a Florida prison. Luckily, the inmate escaped the attempt. Also, the findings helped the authorities to arrest more suspects from Seminole and Orange counties as per FOX35Orlando.

In October 2023, local, state, and federal partners began working together as part of Operation Black Ice, a law enforcement operation.

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