Father Brutally Abused Toddler Using Spoon; Arrested after Children found with Heavy Bruising in Indiana

A Muncie man is currently facing child neglect and abuse charges after reportedly using a spoon to physically harm his children.

Law enforcement responded to a report of alleged child abuse on June 24 and investigators were sent to the 5600 block of Kilgore Avenue in Muncie, according to an affidavit for probable cause.

Upon arrival, authorities found two children at the scene. Due to the visible injuries sustained by the children, law enforcement deemed it necessary for them to be transported to a hospital for medical evaluations.

Officials have found that the parents of the children no longer live together or consider each other as partners. Instead, authorities have stated that the two are sharing parenting responsibilities for their children.

During the investigation into the alleged abuse, authorities were informed that the children were brought to their father’s house on June 21 without any injuries. According to court documents, the children had visible bruises when they were picked up.

One of the children displayed bruising on their buttocks, lower back, and thigh area. The second child had a minor injury near his eye and bruising on his lower back, buttocks, and arms.

During the ongoing investigation, authorities were informed that the children’s father had disciplined them for breaking a window.

Based on court documents, the children reported that their father had used a green spoon to hit them. The children also alleged that he had hit them with a black soup spoon.

According to court records, the children claimed that their father becomes physically aggressive towards them when he is angry. The children reported that their father pulls their hair while disciplining them with a spoon.

Authorities eventually determined that the father of the children was Blake Allen Clendenen, aged 24.

Clendenen stated during an interview with investigators that he does not physically discipline his children. According to public reports, it seems that Clendenen did not take the allegations against him seriously.

Based on court records, Clendenen mentioned that he has his children stand in a corner as a disciplinary measure.

Officials stated that there were inconsistencies in Clendenen’s account during the interview. He made it clear that he does not use a spatula to discipline his children, but he did admit to using his hands. Clendenen mentioned that he forcefully taps his spatula against the wall to startle others.

When questioned about the injuries discovered on his children on June 24, Clendenen claimed that he did not notice any injuries while bathing the kids earlier that morning.

Clendenen was incarcerated at the Delaware County Jail on July 5. The individual in question is facing preliminary charges of child neglect and child abuse as reported by Fox59 News.

In Indiana, child neglect and child abuse are classified as Level 5 and Level 6 Felonies. In the state of Indiana, a Level 5 Felony carries a maximum penalty of a six-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $10,000.

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