Drug Trafficker Arrested with Substantial amount of Drugs in Seattle: Police

Seattle, WA: Large quantities of narcotics were taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department after they arrested a person suspected of being a drug trafficker.

On April 25, investigators from the Seattle Police Department (SPD) made an arrest of a guy whom they suspected of being involved in drug trafficking.

An investigation that lasted for several months and included Narcotics investigators, Special Weapons and Tactics, Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office led to the arrest of the suspect.

The law enforcement officers were able to retrieve a firearm, sixteen thousand dollars in cash, and significant quantities of narcotics, which included fourteen thousand fentanyl tablets and nearly one hundred pounds of methamphetamine.

The man mostly operated in North Seattle, North King, and South Snohomish Counties, as stated by the Seattle Police Department.

He was arrested on numerous counts of possessing narcotics and unlawfully possessing a pistol, and he was placed into the King County Jail after being brought into custody.

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