Drifters Season 2 Release Date: When Do We Get to See Those Strong Fighters With Their Ultimate Weapons in the Battles Again?

Amongst the most popular anime shows of the fall of 2016 was indeed the Drifters. It is guaranteed to be a smash in both Japan and the West because it combines historical characters with a creative plot. The new season which was announced in 2016, is still under wraps, and fans want to know what will be the Drifters Season 2 release date.

The Japanese manga series called “Drifters” by Kouta Hirano served as the inspiration for the Drifters anime. In April 2009, Young King Ours, a publication of Shonen Gahosha, began serializing the manga. It centers on a variety of historical characters who have been transported to an uncharted planet where magicians need their expertise to prevent their world from being completely destroyed.

Let’s see how far we know about this Shonen anime.

What Will Be the Drifters Season 2 Release Date?

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

The anime’s debut season premiered on October 7, 2016, and then it ended on December 23, 2016. After that season’s finale, a second season’s renewal got revealed. Ever since over five years passed, but no information on Drifters season 2 release date has been out.

First, at the conclusion of the series 1 climax, a puzzling message was given, which said, “To be continued the Second Season. See you again. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara .” This announcement in particular has kept that hope alive in our hearts. Therefore, even though the series has been revived, viewers may have to endure a while before seeing their beloved masked samurai return to the tv.

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The absence of content may be the primary factor in the long wait for Drifters season 2 release date, we do not yet know when it will air. There are only six volumes available as of this publishing. Four among those volumes were covered in the first season, leaving two remaining. For an entirely new season, this is obviously insufficient. Making matters tougher, nearly half of Volume 5 has already been covered by the three OVA segments.

But, if we remain hopeful and believe that the season will take place somehow, that is in a way of a prequel or a sequel Then we can anticipate the Drifters season 2 release date to be set for Winter 2022, looking at the first season’s release date. Just a Hunch.

What Is the Storyline of the Anime?

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

During playing part in the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa attempts to gravely hurt Ii Naomasa before fatally wounding him. Toyohisa is taken to a hallway of doors as he exits the battlefield bleeding and wounded, in which a spectacled guy behind a desk is waiting for him. Toyohisa is sent through the nearest door by this man, Murasaki, and awakens in a different reality.

Toyohisa encounters other legendary warriors who, like him, have also been transported to join a group called “Drifters.” There are both native individuals on this planet as well as some mythical races, including elves, dwarves, and even hobbits.

The Ends, a gang of mighty warriors who would like to rule the planet and eliminate all Drifters, are involved in the fight with humans, which the humans are currently losing. Many terrible animals, such as giants and dragons, are commanded by the Ends and are used by them to annihilate all in their path.

The Ends’ army is in charge of the northern portion of the continent at the beginning of the series, and they are attempting to conquer the southern portion through a crucial castle at the most northern tip of a country named Carneades. An organization of human wizards from this world known as the “Octobrist Organization” is making an effort to unite the several individual Drifters in order to protect their world from the cruel Ends.

We don’t even have any updates or information about the anime’s season’s storyline, just like we don’t know what will be the Drifters season 2 release date. We can only hope that the second season will pick up where season 1 left off when Akechi Mitsuhide recalls receiving Nobunaga’s voice from his meeting with Rasputin and resolves to assist the “Ends” in the hopes of assassinating Nobunaga in the upcoming fight.

Is the Drifters Season One Worth a Watch?

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

Drifters initially give off the vibe of a grim fantasy universe. As we get to know the show’s primary characters, the Drifters, during the first few episodes, the concept is clearly established. These are based on the historical personalities whose timelines served as the basis for them. However, based on their conduct all throughout anime you’ll certainly qualify them more often as anti-heroes.

The anime will put a user’s endurance to the test right after the first few segments. This really is due to the series’s attempts to sell its humor while maintaining a dark and gloomy tone. Yes, the program incorporates humor to liven up the enjoyment. People might not take the world seriously, therefore this could be perceived as a throwback.

Drifters become a welcome surprise, though, if you really can keep up with the flow. Your appreciation of this program would also be increased if you are familiar with its background. To be quite honest, the characters truly have the power to engage an audience.

Every one of them has a pretty alluring persona, and questions are frequently raised by the roles they play in the narrative.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

The anime adaptation by Hoods Entertainment is quite faithful to the manga aesthetic. Initially, this anime was very taken aback by how accurate and nearly fantastic the character designs were. Not even add that Yoichi’s razor-sharp eyes as well as Shimazu’s firearms give the Drifters but also Ends both a ferocious appearance.

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In relation to it, the series has a unique way of modifying its characteristics. The scary appearance of Ends, who pass for threatening, helps to distinguish this in particular.

The battleground is also embellished with wrecks, old castles, and other dark fantasy elements. Drifters are at their best when brutal violence and little moderation are added.


We don’t even have any updates on the trailer, but for the time being, let’s enjoy the season 1 trailer and wish for a season 2 release.