iii Icecrin 2nd Season: The Shin-Ei Animation Is Coming Back With More Flavors of Adorable Ice Creams!

Another season of Shin-Ei Animation‘s Kawaii Ice-creams is on the way. This studio that gave us Shin-chan and Doraemon is now working on yet another series for the young and naive.

It is indeed time for yet another serving of dessert since iii icecrin’s delectable ice cream animals will be returning to Japanese television screens for an iii Icecrin 2nd Season, dubbed iii Icecrin 2, where the ‘2’ is expressed as ‘double’ in English. In April of 2021, the first season of iii Icecrin premiered in Japan.

So, here’s everything we know about the forthcoming children’s anime so far.

iii Icecrin 2nd Season: When Is the Anime Coming?

iii Icecrin 2nd Season

In May 2022, the official site for iii icecrin tv anime confirmed that the show will be extended for a second season, which will air in July on TV Tokyo.

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iii Icecrin debuted on TV Tokyo on January 5, 2021, as being one of the sections in the Children’s Variety Program Kinder TV, with Takara Tomy afterward streaming the anime in Japan on YouTube. The episodes are available on Medialink‘s Ani-One Youtube page and are licensed for both South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The iii Icecrin 2nd Season was confirmed on May 9, 2022, and would air on July 2, 2022.

iii Icecrin 2nd Season: What Flavors Will Be There in the Anime?

iii Icecrin 2nd Season

Many delicious flavors are coming to your screen with their sweet voices. At first, we have Taeko Kawata who will be voicing Vanillan, Fumiko Orikasa will be portraying the role of Chocon, and then we have Ryōta Iwasaki who will be voicing the role of Mamango.

Other sweet deserts ice cream include Sayaka Senbongi will be playing the role of Bluen, Konomi Kohara in the role of Stocchi, Marina Horiuchi will be voicing the character of Francisco Minton XV, Rena Maeda will be playing the role of Vakkie, Mai Satō will be seen as Chacha, Chitose Morinaga will be portraying the role of Chicchi, and Maria Naganawa will be portraying the role of Tirala.

Then we have Megumi Satou who will be voicing the character of Napp, with Hina Kino in the role of Mabubu.

iii Icecrin 2nd Season: What Is the Storyline of the Anime?

iii Icecrin 2nd Season

iii Icecrin is indeed a two-minute mini-series centered in an Ice Cream village where people connect and encounter each other, with the dwellers featuring animals inspired by the 15 different flavors supplied by Blue Seal Ice Cream.

Every episode follows different characters in the series as they go about their daily lives, but when difficulties arise, they work together to solve them. A recurring element in the series is that the characters might melt in hot weather, necessitating a trip to the freezer to reshape their bodies. The best part is that Shigeo Takahashi of the comedic duo Savanna narrated each show.

The storyline of iii Icecrin 2nd Season is yet to be revealed by the creators, but the storyline of the second season will surely carry the same structure as the first season. So, for now, let’s just wait for these flavourful ice creams to come again.

Who Are Involved in the Production of the Anime?

iii Icecrin 2nd Season

iii Icecrin is a 3D CGI short animation series developed by Shin-Ei Animation and TIA in partnership with Okinawan ice cream chain Blue Seal Ice Cream as well as toy brand Takara Tomy in Japan. Juria Matsumura, famous for TsukiPro the Animation, directed it, while Hiroko Fukuda, known for Amanchu! Advance wrote it. Aya Matsui created the character designs for this title.

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Later in the series, Takara Tomy released a special dance music video with the comedy duo Savanna. The anime will also be released on DVD as well as Blu-ray in the future.

What Do We Know About Shin-Ei Animation?

iii Icecrin 2nd Season

TV Asahi owns Shin-Ei Animation, a very famous Japanese animation company. It is also the successor to A Production, a prior animation enterprise by its creator, Daikichir Kusube, who was formerly an animator for Toei Animation.

The studio was established in Tokyo in 1976. Shin-Ei is best known for producing two of the most popular anime television shows, Doraemon as well as Crayon Shin-chan, which have been airing in Japan since 1979 and 1992, respectively. SynergySP had become a division of the corporation in April 2017.

Doraemon is similar to Mickey Mouse in that it is widespread in Japan, and not only there but it has conquered the whole world. We’ve given up tracking how so many entries this franchise has created throughout the years because it’s so big! Stand by Me Doraemon 2 is the most recent Doraemon film, which premiered in 2020, and it did create a whole new place within the hearts of people.

Shin-Ei Animation, which has produced over 180 anime and counting, recently stated on their website that they’ll be branching out of Tokyo into a new facility in the Kansai region for the very first occasion in the studio’s history. The Kobe-based animation company plans to begin production in September, and it is currently hiring animators, production workers, and management personnel.

Shin-Ei Animation Kobe Studio would be used to increase the studio’s overall production capacities, enhance the standard of current works, and provide possibilities for artists in the Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto areas. This means that the studio will come up with even more interesting and fun titles in the future for the fans.


We all love Ice-creams, but these animal-shaped ice creams are on another level. They are just plain cute, and we all adore them, especially the kids. As for now, fortunately, we have the trailer for the anime series, where these kawaii ice creams are all having fun. So, for now, let’s enjoy the trailer of the iii Icecrin 2nd season, and enjoy these adorable animals to our core.