Dopesick Season 2 : Will There Be Another Season for the Mysteries About the America’s Opioid Problem?

The drama series created by Danny Strong depicts the tale of a pharmaceutical company’s part in America’s opioid problem.

AMC is currently showing it and is based on Beth Macy‘s novel ‘Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America,’ which is set in, of course, America. The series has received a lot of great feedback since it meticulously blends historical and fictional incidents to create a captivating storyline.


As a result, the show puts to light a large number of previously unknown details and anecdotes regarding the opioid epidemic. It earned great critical reviews for its difficult subject matter management and the cast’s performances.

If you saw the first season of the show, you might be curious if it will come back with even more intense mysteries in the future with a Dopesick season 2 which delves deeper into the opioid issue. And if that is the situation, so here is everything that we’ve learned so far about Dopesick season 2.

Dopesick Season 2: When Is the New Season Coming?

Dopesick Season 2

Dopesick season 1 premiered on Hulu on October 13, 2021, and concluded on November 17, 2021.

The streaming platform Hulu has still yet to confirm a second season of the series. Moreover, creator Danny Strong did not declare out the prospect of the series returning in any way in a recent interaction with a viewer in November 2021. Although Strong indicated optimism about a possible sophomore season, he also cautioned that neither official negotiations about a season 2 had yet taken place.

Assuming season one succeeds, the odds of a Dopesick season 2 becoming a reality are increased. Whereas if the show’s popularity exceeds expectations, the broadcaster may request a second season. Regardless of the fact that perhaps the television show is known as a nonbook and has a highly strung plot, viewers should keep their expectations in check. A miniseries adaptation is now being promoted.

When a second season is granted in the following months, this could take a little time for a team to conduct additional research and develop yet another intriguing plot for the show. Dopesick season 2 could air in 2023 if the show is given the green light by 2022.

Dopesick Season 2: What’s The Storyline of the Show?

Dopesick Season 2

The very first season of ‘Dopesick’ opens with the invention of OxyContin, an opioid-based medication by Richard Sackler. It covers a decade, from the time the medicine was first introduced to the market until the time Purdue Pharma was sued.

Mountcastle with Ramseyer eventually uncover the truth regarding OxyContin’s misleading advertising and Purdue Pharma‘s misdoings. Purdue will face significant fines and negative media publicity as a result of this.

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Whenever a second season is produced, it is probable that it will concentrate on additional pharmaceutical companies that contributed to the opioid crisis. In the season 1 conclusion, Mountcastle, as well as Ramseyer, expect to take on a case regarding another pharmaceutical company, and their special investigation could be the focus of the second season.

In a possible second season, Strong has expressed interest in exploring the opioid problem’s post-2007 developments.

Dopesick Season 2: Who Will Be Seen in the Show Again?

Dopesick Season 2

In the main characters of Dopesick, Michael Keaton will be playing the role of  Dr. Samuel Finnix, Michael Stuhlbarg will be seen as Richard Sackler, and Peter Sarsgaard will portray the character of Rick Mountcastle.

Rosario Dawson will be seen as Bridget Meyer, Will Poulter will be playing the role of Billy Cutler, Kaitlyn Dever will be portraying the role of Betsy Mallum, and John Hoogenakker rounds out the primary cast as Randy Ramseyer. Additionally, recurring characters are played by Jake McDorman as John Brownlee, Jaime Ray Newman will be seen as Kathe Sackler, and Phillipa Soo will be playing the role of Amber Collins.

For the next follow-up series, if it happens, Keaton, Stuhlbarg, Sarsgaard, as well as Hoogenakker have all been scheduled to return. The other members of the cast may indeed repeat their roles, depending on the situation. Dever is almost certainly not returning, considering her character’s tragic fate in the very first season.

If indeed the show is approved for another season, though, the producers may also choose to start over with a whole new cast.

Was the First Season Worth Watching?

Dopesick Season 2

Dopesick struggled at times under the burden of its specific topic, but Michael Keaton with Kaitlyn Dever’s great performances, combined with a humane attitude to the very real people afflicted by the opiate crisis, make for terrible drama.

Every one of these narratives with the twisted mysteries takes place in separate years, but Dopesick expertly connects them all with a fast animation that takes us forward and then backward in time. While originally distracting and disorienting, it’s easy to adjust to, and the program really works better this way, carefully building suspense to a dramatic end that neatly wraps up this inquiry.

The characterization in Dopesick is fantastic, and the cinematography is spot on. It would have been really easy to get confused with these time hops and create everything in one jumble, however, the team has done an excellent job of keeping things constant and simple to grasp.

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Dopesick is a crucial show that you should watch.  It’s a candid, intimate, and tragic depiction of Big Pharma’s unwavering determination to get hazardous products onto the market. The essential ingredients in this immensely captivating program are corruption, greed, but also justice.


Unfortunately, there is no trailer for the Dopesick season 2 as the new season is yet to be taken up by the creators. For the time being let’s hope we get to see the drama mystery as soon as possible. So, as we wait for the new season to arrive, let’s enjoy the trailer of season 1 and enjoy those mysterious time laps again.

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